Kundali Bhagya Raabta Zee Spoilers Upcoming today

Kundali Bhagya Raabta Zee Spoilers Upcoming today

Kundali Bhagya Raabta Zee Spoilers Upcoming today Nobody in the Luthra house agrees to help Sarla bail out Preeta. Sarla challenges them that she will take Preeta out of lock up very soon and says this is a mother’s promise. She says she will have no problem even if they don’t help her. Kareena calls Karan and tells that Sarla Arora came and tried to order them, in short threatening them to take Preeta out of jail somehow very soon. Karan gets speechless. Kareena fills his ears against Preeta and Sarla. She projects Sarla’s request in a wrong way. Kareena tells that she had shown the door to Sarla and refused to agree. Karan is with Mahira in the hospital and tells her that whatever she did is right. Mahira gets hopeful to get Karan’s love.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani talks to Anupriya about her feelings and emotions for Malhar and Moksh. She tells her that she has agreed to Sampada’s sayings just for Moksh. Rachit records the conversation and blackmails Kalyani showing the video. He says he knows everything and can tell this thing to Malhar, that’s why you want to forcibly bring Sampada near him. He asks her to hug him when Malhar sees them. Malhar comes there. Kalyani hugs Rachit just to show Malhar. Malhar gets shocked and teary eyes. He walks outside. Kalyani goes behind him to pacify him. She is about to keep hand on his shoulder. Malhar turns to her.


Kahat Hanuman: God Vishnu tells that just like Maruti is enthusiastic to hear his katha, he is also enthusiastic take his 8th Avatar, to meet him. Maruti asks Jambvant how to search his God? Jambvant says the moment you will achieve the Aradhya/ worship of God, the veena sur will be played in your heart. Maruti says I will do puja of all the God, and when the Veena sur plays that God is my Aradhya.

Hamari Gudiya Sab Pe Bhari: Pappu and Radhe have a big fight which leads to partition in the house. Radhe asks Pappu to leave, but the latter asks for his share in the house. Pappu says he will not go anywhere as this is his house also. He asks him to do partition in the house. Radhe asks Pappu to keep the upstairs portion and ground floor portion is mine. He asks him to keep the first floor portion in charity. Pappu is upset. Radhe, Pappu, Sarla and others are upset. Nanhe lal tries to resolve the fight with help from Gudiya.

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  1. Moral of the serials are always, never ever trust the words of your family members, besties and but always believe them only when they show the proofs.. Such a rubbish negativity


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