Patiala Babes Beyhadh 2 Dad Ki Dulhan Upcoming

Patiala Babes Beyhadh 2 Dad Ki Dulhan Upcoming

Patiala Babes Beyhadh 2 Dad Ki Dulhan Upcoming A neighbor kid wants to celebrate his birthday in a grand way. He cries and asks his Dad to make his wish fulfilled. Arya teases him. She throws a surprise birthday party for her friend. She is happy to have all her wishes fulfilled by Neil. She asks Neil to fulfill her last wish, that’s Neil and Mini’s marriage. Arya gets innocently talking. Mini angrily slaps Arya, which makes Neil upset.


Ananya gets to see Rishi’s lover’s pic. Maya’s picture gets torn. She wanted to see it and know about her. She gets to see the initials of the girl Maya. She doubts that Maya is Rishi’s girlfriend. She gets alert of Maya’s evil intentions. She wants to tell Mrityunjay about Maya. Maya learns that Ananya got to know about her. She doesn’t want Ananya to alert MJ. Ananya is sure that Maya can’t hide anything once the matter goes in MJ’s hand. Ananya meets MJ with the sketch made by Rishi. She wants to tell him about Rishi’s crazy girlfriend Maya.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:

Amber and Guneet are going to meet on the date and get into a big argument. They don’t get along well. Nia tries to stop Amber. Nia tries to stop their fight. She asks Amber to calm down and focus on his date. Guneet is happy for Nia’s relationship. She goes for the date, while Randeep wishes her all the best. Randeep sends off Guneet, while Nia sends Amber with a smile on his face. Amber is tensed since he doesn’t know the chat friend in person. Nia wishes him all the best. Amber and Guneet meet at the restaurant for their date. They aren’t aware that they have come to each other, and continue their same argument.

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