Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Upcoming Nimki Vidhayak Highlights

Dad Ki Dulhan Dreamy romance surprises for Guneet

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Upcoming Nimki Vidhayak Highlights Amber couldn’t bear anymore to spend time with his date Kriti, fixed by Nia. He messages her to come and take her. Guneet finds Anurag, very straight forward and gets nervous. Anurag finds Guneet a perfect mother for his children. He promises to give her everything she asks for. Guneet gets speechless. She can’t answer him about the alliance so soon. Nia asks Randeep if he wants to say something. Randeep is about to share the matter. Just then Kabir returns in his car and looks at them.

Amber compliments Kriti. She takes his words in a wrong way. She thinks he is flirting with her. He finds her pretty. She gets pleased. Kriti tries to hold Amber’s hand, but he resists and asks her to keep her hand far. Kriti asks why he is misbehaving with her verbally. She gets angry and asks him to say sorry to her. Amber refuses to say sorry, tells that even if you do tandav or shout loudly, I will not apologize. Guneet gets shocked seeing Amber and Kriti’s fight and comes to his rescue. She takes his side and asks Kriti not to get personal with Amber on the first meeting.

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Nimki Vidhayak:

Nimki tells the family that she doesn’t have any solid reason to become the CM. Tunne tells her that the reason is she shouldn’t let Ganga become the CM. Abhimanyu tells that she has the talent to handle the people and win the votes. Nimki agrees to contest. She tells that she won’t let Ganga become CM. They are glad. Ganga and Mishra make fun of Nimki. Nahar Singh meets them. Ganga tells that he would be feeling bad that she is joking about Nimki. Nahar asks her to give a good ministry to Nimki. Ganga gives her word. She agrees to him. She asks Nahar to think of his ministry. She tells that Nimki is planning something.

On the other hand, Nimki plays cards with Hanuman. She tells him that Ganga is cheating them and giving a big ministry to Mishra. Hanuman finds Ganga a fraud. Abhimany asks the family to keep Nimki’s matter a secret from Nahar and others. Nahar meets them. He tells that he has got Nimki’s ministry fixed. He wants Nimki to rule. Tunne asks Nahar to think of something to make Nimki the CM. Nahar asks how can this happen. Nimki asks Hanuman to think well and try to become CM. Hanuman gets against Ganga. Nimki traps Ganga in her game.

Kundali Bhagya


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