Kundali Bhagya Today Hopeful Preeta Karan unexpected

Kundali Bhagya Today Hopeful Preeta Karan unexpected

Kundali Bhagya Today Hopeful Preeta Karan unexpected decision Ramona cries for Mahira. She falls down. Rakhi and Kareena help Ramona. Karan calls a doctor for Ramona. Ramona tells that she didn’t take her medicines. Karan assures that he will be with Mahira and take care of her. He asks Ramona and family to go home. Kareena asks Sherlyn to come along if she wants to go home with them. Preeta wants to inform Karan about Sarla visiting the Luthras so that no one insults Sarla in his house. Shrishti tells her that Karan may help them as well. Preeta wants her to tell Karan that she(Preeta) isn’t at fault.

Janki tells that Preeta helped Bani Dadi, and Karan will help her too. She asks Preeta to have hopes. Shrishti thinks Karan will help Preeta, who had saved Luthras from the robbers. Karan rejects Shrishti’s call because of Mahira. He is in dilemma over his faith on Preeta. Mahira ruins his faith on his love by her lies. She tells him that she won’t blame him, since she loves him a lot. She wants to marry him. She is thankful that he is with her. Shrishti wishes that he answers her call once. Karan apologizes to Mahira for having such a big heart to not blame him. He promises to make everything fine for her. He tells that he will keep his promise.


Mahira asks him if Shrishti is calling him to take help for Preeta. Karan doesn’t answer so that Mahira doesn’t get hurt. Mahira thanks him for showing faith on her. She is insecure that Preeta will come between them. Shrishti is angry that Sherlyn and Mahira have trapped Preeta. Janki tells that Karan doesn’t want to help Preeta. Preeta hopes Karan comes to meet her. Shrishti doesn’t want to break her heart and hope. She tells Preeta that Karan assured that he will sort out the matter once he is back to the city.

Janki understands that Shrishti is lying for Preeta’s sake. Preeta feels Karan will help her. Shrishti cries to give her false hope. Preeta prays that the FIR gets withdrawn. Elsewhere, Sarla goes to Luthra house. She wishes everything gets fine. Sarla informs Biji that she has to meet Luthras to request them to withdraw the case. Sarla tells that Mahira is also bad like Sherlyn and wants to harm Preeta. She tells about Preeta being accused for murder attempt. Sarla wishes that she convinces the Luthras and Preeta gets freed.

Biji wants Preeta home. Shrishti shares her sorrow with Janki. Janki knows her lie. She consoles Shrishti. She asks Shrishti to be with Preeta. She is sure that Sarla will bail out Preeta. Rakhi gets hyper and shouts on Sherlyn. She apologizes since she is distracted. Rakhi is sure that Preeta can never harm anyone’s life.

Kareena and Ramona ask Rakhi about her unbreakable faith on Preeta. Sarla meets Luthras to request them for helping Preeta. Rakhi gives respect to Sarla, while Kareena gets to her usual insulting remarks on Sarla. Sarla tells Dadi that Preeta had come for her treatment. She knew Preeta will fall into trouble and didn’t wish her to go. She asks Dadi to help Preeta, who is innocent. Sherlyn asks Sarla not to make them mad by her tears. She interrupts Sarla and raises voice to anger her. Sarla asks Sherlyn to keep quiet. Kareena, Sherlyn and Ramona get their wrath out on Sarla. Kareena blames Preeta for attempting to murder Mahira.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 1/5
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Best Comment by Ash:

High time both Kumkum and Kundali are Stopped. Enough is Enough. The same plots of Kidnapping, (the main targets being Pragya and Preeta) Terrorism and holding the Public as Hostages in Banks, Malls and Wedding halls, keeps jumping from one serial to the other, that is Kumkum to Kundali and Kundali to Kumkum and the worst part is all the Villains and actors are the same and no villain in both these serials ever get caught— Aaliya, Prithvi, Sherlyn.

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  1. I think it’s high time that kundali Bhagya shows portray some reality now.its getting so boring .
    The same old plotting by Sherlyn n now additional mahira. Nothing interesting or different happening.
    It was good to see Karan and Preeta getting back together but typical EKTA Kapoor boring schemes with the same misunderstandings. High time she rewrites her script with something interesting happening.

  2. I’ve no idea why Ekta Kapoor doesn’t come up with better ideas. All she knows is kidnap, kill, comatose, terrorists, goons. And then the character such as Preeta is showed so spineless and dumb, it’s beyond a sight. If she’s so proud to be a doctor, she could find another one instead of getting in trouble. And please someone convey it the director. If they celebrate Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Lohri every year, how’s Sherlyn’s pregnancy still at the level of what it was 2.5 years ago? Is it some sort of voodoo??

  3. Wtf is going on….kab ye Mahira ki story ka end hoga…har baar preeta ko hi fault dikhaya jata hai… We want preeran back…..please support if i am right….

  4. preetha n rishabh should be united..preetha deserves the best not a fake like karan.I hsve stopped watching the show everyday.waste of time!!charecters story not genuine..like for eg..sherrlyn s pregancy not progressing!

  5. Yes your so right ? preeta n Karan ah best Jodi ,y most Mahira being so boldface for a nxt woman husband ,he’s already married

  6. I pity the viewers who still viewing these two serials, without any logic and story the dragging. Here all villains are carefree and never caught. Prithvi even he caught, in the next episode they make it as a dream of some of them. The un-ending pregnancy of Shrishti is very annoying and disgusting. The creating team and approving team both are very very intelligent and deserve applause for trying to fool the audience time and again with the same plot of kidnapping, harrassment, molestation, blackmailing, misunderstanding (never get cleared). I follow the written update to see any change happening.

  7. I couldn’t agree more with you all, these shows are pathetic. Giving our youth the wrong impressions. Evil wins over good. I mean really whatever happened to Purab and Disha’s son? I’m mean really
    Doesn’t Sarla know about her grand children
    Then we have Ganga where the Chaturvedi is completely out of the show, Gudan says who’s life is a mess where Antara is concern oh and Kulfi who has been suffering all her life, gets to know who her father is but never happy. I’m so done watching these shows.


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