Kulfi huge vow Sikandar Another kidnapping surfaces

Kulfi huge vow Sikandar Another kidnapping surfaces

Kulfi huge vow Sikandar Another kidnapping surfaces Chalu calls the hospital to know about Dr. Jacob. The staff tells her that Dr. Jacob has run away since he was trapped in the fraud case. She knows that Jacob is innocent and he isn’t responsible for Sikandar’s state. She also knows that Lovely is the one who drugged Sikandar and put him into the worst ill state. She enquires about Jacob further. The man tells her that Jacob didn’t return since the day he left the hospital, he didn’t even come back to collect his belongings, which the hospital has kept stored. He asks her if she is Jacob’s relative. Chalu lies that she is related to Jacob.

The man asks her to come and collect Jacob’s stuff. She asks him to send it by courier to her address. She gives the address of Sikandar’s house. She doesn’t want Lovely to know her plan. Beauty hears this plan on the other line. She rushes to Lovely and informs that Chalu is trying to get Jacob’s stuff from the hospital, which maybe carrying some proof against Lovely. Lovely wants to get the stuff before Chalu. Chalu’s aides do a drama to find out Lovely’s next plan. Lovely threatens Mohendar about Gunjan. Mohendar begs her to leave Gunjan free. He cries a lot. Lovely cleans his glasses.

She asks Mohendar to find out Kulfi’s entire plan. She gives him a new pair of glasses. Mohendar asks Kulfi why did she call the hospital. Kulfi tells him the plan of tracking Jacob to get evidence against the culprit. Mohendar wishes her all the best. He gets back to Lovely and lies to her. Lovely takes the new pair of glasses back. It has a spy recorder fixed. She knows he is lying. She plays the recorder and learns Kulfi’s entire plan. Kulfi and Chalu await Jacob’s bag. Amyra receives it. Lovely reaches there and asks Amyra to pass the bag to her.

Lovely and Chalu fight for the bag. The bag falls down. The belongings spread. Lovely burns everything. Something slips down the table. Kulfi cries that she lost her hope. She doesn’t know how to find Jacob. She thinks of Sikandar and sings a song. She cries a lot. She determines to not accept defeat and fight back until she wins. Amyra too misses Sikandar. Kulfi gets Jacob’s passport under the table. Chalu realizes that Lovely has got Jacob kidnapped as well. Kulfi wants to find Dr. Jacob to get help for Sikandar. Kulfi makes a big vow to rescue Sikandar and Jacob as well.

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Best Comment by sudhakiranthakur:

The efforts of Sikander went in vein as Amyra forgot everything what happened in chawl. The girl should defend her friend/sister Kulfi who rescued her when she was kidnapped. The writer is depicting a character in such a way that wicked woman’s daughter will be wicked only.There should be some morale which will impact on the viewers. Please End should be in positive note.

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