Kumkum Zee Prime Kundali Bhaggya Spoiler snips lined

Kumkum Zee Prime Kundali Bhaggya Spoiler snips lined

Kumkum Zee Prime Kundali Bhaggya Spoiler snips lined Karan comes to meet Preeta in the Police station. Inspector tells him that first his Bhabhi Sherlyn filed complaint against Preeta and then his brother bailed out Preeta and took her with him. Karan is surprised and asks if Rishabh bailed out Preeta. When Rishabh comes home, Sherlyn and Kareena ask him why did he bail out Preeta. Rishabh says that he thinks Preeta is innocent. He asks why will Preeta push Mahira on the truck. He says she is innocent and that’s why he bailed her out. Kareena says you didn’t do right.

Kumkum Bhagya: Ranbir tells Prachi that he wants to take her somewhere. She is hurt as he held her hand on her injury. Ranbir says sorry and asks her to come with him to meet her mom. Prachi agrees. They decide to meet Pragya. Ranbir says he wants to take both of them to have coffee as her mum had asked him to do when he is out of the lockup. Abhi calls Pragya and tells that they had meet, but couldn’t talk. He adds, I don’t feel good that you are fighting with your problems alone. Pragya tells that she is not alone, he is with her. Abhi asks her to meet him. Pragya says café coffee house at 2 pm. Abhi is happy. Purab smiles hearing them.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: While Rachit and Malhar are flying their kites during the competition. Malhar sneezes and gets distracted from flying the kite. Anupriya asks Malhar to see his kite. Atharv says baba. Rachit takes advantage of the situation and cuts Malhar’s kite. He rejoices and laughs loudly. Kalyani is shocked and thinks I know that you are losing this competition intentionally. She provokes him to win and acts to support Rachit. Malhar also acts to get closer to Sampada.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhari: The neighbor Kamla’s husband refuses to let Radha go to his bathroom. He says now this thing can’t go on. Sarla asks Gudiya if she can bring keys from Pappu, and asks her to see Radhe’s condition getting bad. Gudiya goes to Pappu and diverts his attention choosing the saree for Sweety. She then steals the keys and comes to Radhe. She sends him to bathroom and locks the door from outside. Radhe goes to bathroom and relieves himself. Gudiya tells Jia that they shall face each other now. She calls Pappu. Radhe hides in the bathroom.

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