Kundali Bhagyaa Rishabh huge decision unexpected twist

Kundali Bhagyaa Rishabh huge decision unexpected twist

Kundali Bhagyaa Rishabh huge decision unexpected twist Karan analyses the situation. He thinks if Preeta really asked Mahira not to marry him and took this step in anger when Mahira refused. He doesn’t think that Preeta can harm Mahira. He realizes Preeta is innocent and runs to meet her at the police station. Rishabh offers help to Aroras. He wants to drop them home. Sarla doesn’t want to trouble him more. Rishabh insists and takes them along. Karan barges into the police station at the same time when Rishabh leaves. Karan wants to meet Preeta. He asks Inspector about Preeta. He throws his attitude around. He wants to take Preeta along.

Inspector tells him that Sherlyn filed the complaint, while Rishabh got Preeta bailed. He asks if Karan doesn’t know anything about his family, they should better communicate. He tells that Rishabh took Aroras along. Rishabh’s lawyer sees Karan at the police station and thinks to inform Rishabh. Karan rushes to Preeta’s home to meet her. Sameer and Biji get glad to know that Rishabh has become Preeta’s savior again. Biji thanks Rishabh for his big favor. Rishabh tells her that they are his family. Biji asks for Karan.

Rishabh tells them that Karan doesn’t know this, else he would have come running to help Preeta. He wants to rush for his work. Sarla is also thankful to him. He calls them family again and again. The family takes Preeta home. Shrishti kisses Sameer happily and runs. Janki finds them together. She asks Sameer to clear the kiss mark. Sameer and Rishabh go home. Rishabh summons Sherlyn for an answer. Kareena asks him how did he come back. Rishabh is much disappointed with the family. Rakhi hugs Rishabh and is glad that he is back. He asks her how could they get Preeta arrested. He blasts his anger on Kareena.

Rakhi tells Rishabh that Sarla came to ask for help, but she was helpless. Kareena admits that she locked Rakhi in the room so that she doesn’t fall in Sarla’s words. Rishabh scolds Kareena for blaming Preeta and insulting Sarla. Ramona asks him to know the matter first, Preeta tried to kill Mahira. Rishabh guarantees that Preeta is innocent, she can never harm Mahira. He tells that he got Preeta bailed, since she isn’t at fault. Ramona tells that Mahira won’t lie. Rishabh tells that maybe Mahira had some misunderstanding. He asks Kareena and Ramona not to say anything about his decision. Rakhi gets glad to know that Preeta is at home with her family.

Kareena asks Sameer if he has informed Rishabh. Sameer bears her anger. Karan doesn’t go to meet Preeta. He goes home instead. Rishabh meets Karan and asks him if he knew about Preeta. Karan tells him that he couldn’t believe this at first, but Preeta’s crime was proved by the police. Rishabh asks Karan not to trust anyone, and just think of Preeta by following his heart. Karan tells Rishabh that he has seen Mahira’s state. He feels guilty. He tells that Mahira was protecting him from Preeta’s legal claim. Rishabh asks Karan to ask his heart, if Preeta can do this. Karan gets confused and wants to stay out of it.

He lies that he didn’t go to the police station to help Preeta. Rishabh asks him not to go, since his lawyer has already informed about Karan. He asks Karan to go to his wife, Preeta. He requests Karan to meet Preeta and support her. Karan gets Mahira’s call and wants to go to her. He gets Preeta’s call and doesn’t answer. Preeta wants to talk to Karan once. She asks Shrishti about her lie. Shrishti reveals that Karan didn’t answer her call. Preeta has hopes in tact. Rishabh thinks of Preeta’s sorrow.

His heart goes out for her. He feels Aroras were so sorrowful and lonely in pain. He is guilty of his family’s actions. He thinks how did everything shatter suddenly. Karan meets Mahira to support her. She tells him that she is feeling scared. She wants him around always. She tells him that she can face any problem for his sake. He feels odd and goes away. Rishabh thinks of Preeta who needed Karan in the crisis. He feels she is not wrong and deserves help against Luthras.

He is angry that Karan isn’t supporting Preeta. Rishabh decides to protect Aroras, who is like family. He accepts Preeta as Karan’s wife, Aroras as Karan’s in-laws. He is still Preeta’s friend. He wants to stand by Aroras always. Mahira expects her love story to begin. Karan informs her that Preeta got the bail. She gets displeased knowing Rishabh’s move.

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Best Comment by Lilou:

Frankly when this show came on the channel, I always thought that Preeta would be married to Rishab. And that they were going to love each other, but I never thought Preeta would be with Karan. I don’t see what the fans find them as a jodi. Frankly Preeta and Rishab yes. Every woman should have a husband as Rishab. When I think they made him married to Sherlyn but why. Anyway, in the end Rishab will be alone when he has always supported Preeta who loves and thinks only of Karan who never believes him. In short, disappointed because the jodi Preeta and Rishab will never be.

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  1. Trust is the main tool in any relationship and I don’t understand why almost heroins fall love with him one who don’t trust her and I don’t know why every script is like this?I feel the promotion of Kundali Bhagya and present track is going in different track,try to frame practical stories

  2. When the serial had started since it had attractive characters specially rishabh but not it’s such a drag and torture to viewers somebody please do something

  3. Rishabh Rishabh Rishabh !!!! waow you really made my day. you melted my heart for saving my dear Preeta.you know what? i deceided not to be watching kundili Bhagya again becuase karan disappointed me.but i will continue to watch so that i dont miss you BRAVO !!!

  4. When sherlyn and prithvi truth will be revealed same thing watching frm years is boring there should be twist in story by revealing there truth. Yes as said preetha and rishab jodi is awesome she will be perfect for rishab and not for karan.

  5. very bakbaas serial..itne time se kuch nahi badla vahi chal raha hai aaj bhi jo 2 saal pahle tha..kabhi to kuch positive bhi dikhao..sir negativity se zyada kuch nahi hai serial mein…ghatiya serial

  6. This scene between preeta and karan Is stretched for too long..the secret of prithvi and sherilyn should come out..and preeta should marry rishabh..

  7. Its too boring watching negativity.. negativity all time,show some positivity,jodi i always wanted to watch was preeta and rishabh,both mature person,gud understanding,karan who always distrust preeta,wts going on,reveal the truth of sherlyn and mahira,its too much


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