Yeh Chahatein Starplus Latest Prisha Rudraksh traumatized

Yeh Chahatein Starplus Latest Prisha Rudraksh traumatized

Yeh Chahatein Starplus Latest Prisha Rudraksh traumatized Yuvraj feels lucky that he got saved from Rudraksh’s wrath. He accompanies Prisha to the police station. Rudraksh cries for Rajeev. Saransh gets help from a police inspector, who takes him to the police station. Saransh wants to get back to Prisha some how. Prisha gets interrogated by the police while Yuvraj continues to fool her by the drama. He doesn’t want her to lose trust on him. Prisha tells the inspector that she had gone to find Yuvraj and came across Rajeev. Rudraksh arrives there and gets hyper. He thinks Prisha had the cash and necklace with her, given by Rajeev, since she was blackmailing him.

Prisha tells that she lost control on the steering and hit Rajeev down by mistake. She claims it to be accident. Rudraksh calls her lying since she was blackmailing Rajeev for money since long. He attacks Prisha and stops the interrogation. He doesn’t want to spare her life. Yuvraj and cops stop Rudraksh from hurting her. Rudraksh tells that he will be punishing her. Gopal and Vasu learn that Yuvraj isn’t at home. They get worried for Yuvraj and Prisha.

They get more panicking when Bubbles informs them that Saransh isn’t with her. They wonder where did Saransh go alone. Yuvraj calls Gopal to inform about the case. He summons them at the police station. He doesn’t reveal any details to them on the call. Gopal and Vasu rush to the police station. Rudraksh comes home crying and shouts the shocking news that Rajeev is dead. Balraj can’t believe this. He bears Rudraksh’s accusation. Rudraksh tells that he could have saved Rajeev if he went on time. He blames Balraj for Rajeev’s death. Rudraksh’s mum breaks down. Balraj calls Ahana to inform her. Ahana and Mishika enjoy their party.

Ahana doesn’t take the calls. Saransh meets Prisha and is happy. Gopal and Vasu also meet them. Yuvraj gets bored to do the drama. Saransh tells them that Vasu doesn’t want him in Prisha’s life, so he left them alone. Vasu apologizes to Prisha and Saransh. Prisha understands that Vasu was under societal pressure and told wrong things in front of Saransh. She forgives Vasu. Yuvraj cooks up a story when Gopal and Vasu find Prisha arrested. Prisha’s parents want to know her crime. Prisha gets helpless and keeps silence.

Yuvraj tells them that Prisha had gone to meet Saransh’s dad, Rajeev Khurana and killed him in a fit of rage when Rajeev denied to accept Saransh as his son. He tells them that he found about Rajeev and Saransh’s connection and wanted to surprise them in marriage, but Rajeev called him for the meet. He adds that Rajeev refused to accept Saransh and insulted Mahima a lot, which angered Prisha. He tells that Prisha had got blank in anger and knocked down Rajeev to take revenge. Gopal can’t believe this that his daughter’s heart can get so evil to take a person’s life. Yuvraj emotionally fools them and sheds tears falsely.

Gopal asks him when did this happen and why did they leave the marriage to meet Rajeev. Yuvraj likes a great man to unite Saransh and his dad. He tells that Rajeev was threatening to kill Saransh, that’s why Prisha took this step to save Saransh. Prisha gets jailed and misses Saransh. She sinks in guilt that she is doing wrong with her family by hiding the truth. Rudraksh is traumatized when Rajeev’s body is brought home. He mourns for Rajeev’s death. Gopal meets Prisha to know the truth. Will Prisha admit the truth that Yuvraj had killed Rajeev? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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  1. Yar kab tak yeh bakwas track chalta rhega yeh ha chahtein ma bored nhi hote yeh log hadd h bilkul itni sari misunderstanding OMG kuch to real kro yarr…


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