Beyhadh Maya plots Rudra’s murder amidst his wedding

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Beyhadh Maya plots Rudra’s murder amidst his wedding MJ survives the bullet shot by Myra. He had taken the risk just to know about Rishi’s girlfriend. He had to save Rudra’s life. He has much faith on Rudra. He wants Rudra to understand his love, despite the hatred. He shares his emotions with Tia. Maya prays for MJ’s life since she has to settle her scores with him. She doesn’t want MJ to die so soon. Maya learns that MJ is out of danger. Rudra clears his heart for MJ and apologizes for his hatred. Ananya is excited for her marriage happening with Rudra. Maya gets into a fake fight with Rudra, so that she can then convince him with love. She wants to trap him in her love.

She has devious intentions of killing him on the day of his marriage. She wants to give MJ a big shock of Rudra’s death. She plans to kill Rudra and send his dead body to his home so that his family gets a huge shock and mourn on the day of celebrations. She wants to give the same pain back to MJ. MJ doesn’t think anyone can come between Rudra and him. Maya has already come between their bond.

She gets glad that Rudra is getting affected by her annoyance. Rudra stays disturbed while thinking of her. He feels guilty when he hears Ananya’s love confession for him. Ananya tells him that it was her dream to marry him, she will keep him forever happy. Rudra didn’t imagine to get into a loveless marriage, but doesn’t want to cheat Ananya by thinking about Maya. He accepts his fate and gets ahead with the marriage functions. Rudra and Ananya stay happy in their function. Maya gets mad again and kidnaps Rudra at his place. She then reveals that she has come to apologize. Maya influences his mind to make him her puppet, just like she did with Rishi. Will Maya kill Rudra as well? Keep reading.

Patiala Babes:
Mini gets harsh on Arya when the latter gets stubborn. Arya doesn’t realize her wrong behavior. Mini doesn’t want to listen to Arya, which will give her an impression that she can get things done by being stubborn always. Mini wants Arya to learn good lessons in life. She tells Neil that she will not let Arya win her way. Arya refuses to apologize to Maya.

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