Kasautii Prerna bold comeback Dad Ki Dulhan Spoiler

Kasautii Prerna bold comeback Dad Ki Dulhan Spoiler

Kasautii Prerna bold comeback Dad Ki Dulhan Spoiler Prerna falls into the cliff, but doesn’t die. Anurag loses Prerna and feels she has died. Prerna will disappear from Anurag’s sight. He assumes that the fall has become deadly for her. He regrets that he couldn’t save her, despite reaching her on time. Prerna will be confronting Komolika and exposing her in the coming track. Prerna will seek help from Viraj. She will settle scores with Komolika and Mohini as well. She will be protecting her child by returning in a bold avatar. She will no more be helpless. Anurag will recover his memories soon.

strong>Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:
Randeep and Nia plan a musical night to cheer up Amber. Nia wants to make Amber happy. She is working hard to normalize Amber, who is much upset since his date with Kriti. Randeep supports Nia in her aim. Amber gets happy when he finds the surprise. Nia invites Guneet as well. She thinks Guneet will be the perfect life partner for Amber. She wants Amber to spend time with Guneet. Amber and Guneet aren’t aware of their online friendship. Kabir also likes Nia. Nia isn’t Randeep’s girlfriend. Kabir thinks he holds a chance in Nia’s life. He wants to propose Nia. Nia is close to Randeep.

Guneet wants to gift clothes to her online friend. Pammi asks her to buy a sherwani as well, so that it helps in marriage. Guneet chats with Amber. Amber and Guneet stay happy chatting. Randeep teases him about his girlfriend. Amber doesn’t want to reveal anything. Nia will soon learn about Amber’s online friend. Guneet feels important in someone’s life. She likes to share her life’s journey with him. Amber doesn’t want to cross the line, since he isn’t ready to accept anyone in his life.

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