Kumkum surprising Love twists Kohlis meet Pragya

Kumkum surprising Love twists Kohlis meet Pragya

Kumkum surprising Love twists Kohlis meet Pragya Meera is disturbed thinking about Abhi and Pragya. She gets hurt. Abhi cares for her. He wants to call a doctor. He learns that she is allergic to allopathic medicines. He asks her to just call Prachi’s mother to get some home remedy for herself. He asks Meera not to keep any secrets from him. He calls Pragya and makes her talk to Meera. Meera takes advice from Pragya. She tells that Abhi was insisting to take help. Pragya tells that Meera is lucky to have someone caring. She adds that she will send some homemade medicines for her. Abhi and Purab go for the meeting. Meera feels none has the cure of her pain.

Meanwhile, Ranbir saves Prachi from getting hurt. They get into a moment. Prachi asks him to leave her. She thanks him for saving her. Shahana likes to see them together. She compliments Ranbir. Ranbir comes home to pick Pragya. Purab makes arrangements for his conference at the hotel. Abhi awaits Pragya. Sanju vents his anger on a waiter. Abhi and Purab witness the drama. They see Sanju. Abhi realizes that Sanju got saved after falling into the river. Sanju runs away from Abhi. Abhi wants to catch him and get him punished. Sanju runs to save himself. Abhi and Purab follow him. Sanju falls in front of Aaliya and Rhea’s car. Rhea tells Aaliya that Sanju was running. They see Abhi following Sanju.

Rhea doesn’t want Sanju to get caught. Sarita tells Ranbir that his parents are also coming. Ranbir doesn’t understand it at first. He didn’t know that his family is coming. Sarita and Shahana prepare things. Pragya wants to go to meet Abhi. Sarita asks them not to go anywhere. Pragya welcomes Kohli family. Ranbir greets them and tells that he had come from office. Dida thanks Prachi for trusting Ranbir and supporting him. Pallavi is glad to get a new family with them. Vikram thanks for giving them a daughter like Pragya. He praises Prachi. He feels proud of Prachi. Pragya is glad to hear good things about her daughter.

Sanju hides from Abhi and Purab. He gets tired of running. Abhi feels Sanju is scared and got hidden somewhere close. He asks Sanju not to anger him and come out in front of him. He wants Sanju to value his new life. He threatens to not spare him. Sanju doesn’t want to surrender. Rhea and Aaliya reach there in time. They help Sanju. Purab sees Aaliya’s car. He tells Abhi about Aaliya. Abhi thinks to ask Aaliya. Ranbir and Prachi spend time in the kitchen. Shahana gives them more time by giving a task to prepare tea.

Ranbir asks Prachi about Shahana’s weird talk. Prachi tells him that Shahana is also weird like him. She tells that she didn’t like him before, but he has changed now. Ranbir slips on the floor. Prachi helps him. He gets bit hurt. She tells him that she was trying to help him. Ranbir tells them that he got hurt by slipping in the kitchen. Prachi doesn’t want him to blame her. Pragya doesn’t want Prachi to argue. Pallavi stops Ranbir from arguing with Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi’s cute banter goes on. Pragya favors Ranbir. Pallavi asks them to stop fighting.

Dida likes Ranbir and Prachi’s pairing. She doesn’t want to say it in the first meeting. Sanju thanks Rhea for saving him. Aaliya drops Sanju at some safe distance. He knows that they saved him just to save themselves. Aaliya reprimands Sanju.

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Best Comment by Cheena:

I had stopped watching in between then started watching again, but now this suspense is getting bored. It’s too obvious that they are deliberately not making them meet. At least they should make 1 daughter or Aliya know the truth and the drama begins or some twist begins. They have little of good plots in their hand. They have to yet get the 3rd daughter kiara back.


  1. Where are Priyanka and rishi gone? They just left their drama in the middle. Nobody in Priyanka’s family is trying to find her. Really abhi and pragya’s unawareness about the other daughter is being dragged a lot. They have met so many times but they don’t have each others phone number. And who doesn’t have profile pic on phone number these days.


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