Kundali Bhagyaa Today Happy times hoped for Preeta

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Kundali Bhagyaa Today Happy times hoped for Preeta Preeta wants to meet Karan once. Shrishti asks Preeta about her belief on Karan. Karan has no belief on Preeta. Preeta tells that she has belief on Rishabh, who never lies. She wants to know Karan’s take on the matter. Shrishti wishes her the positive thing. She tells that Karan will not believe Mahira. Mahira gets angry that Preeta is out of the jail. She calls Sherlyn to inform her that Preeta is out of the jail. Sherlyn asks her not to panic. Mahira tells that Rishabh freed Preeta from the jail. Sherlyn tells that Rishabh isn’t in the city. Mahira asks her to keep an eye on Rishabh. She tells that Karan didn’t think of helping Preeta.

Karan meets Mahira. Mahira hangs up the call. She lies to Karan about the call. Karan wants to take Mahira home. He asks her to get fine soon. Rakhi meets Rishabh to tell about Aroras. She tells that she was helpless in Sarla’s matter. She is upset that Kareena locked her in the room with bitterness. She doesn’t want to forgive Kareena. She feels Kareena wanted to suppress her voice and thinking. Rishabh pacifies her. She tells him that she wants to do what she wants. She wants to meet Preeta.

Rishabh tells her that its a little wish, she can go anywhere she wants. He gives her car keys and asks her to meet Preeta. He tells her that he can take her to Sarla’s house and also for coffee. He asks her not to cry, he will give her anything she wants. She feels valued. She thanks him for supporting her. Sherlyn worries that her plan is failing. She didn’t imagine that Rishabh will come back and save Preeta. She wanted Preeta to die and get out of her lives. She thought Preeta will be in jail and get rotten there. She gets angered that Rishabh will fail her plans. She doesn’t want to lose it all.

She knows Preeta will not be quiet and try to meet Luthras again. She wants to stop Preeta from entering Luthra house. She is ready to do anything to defeat Preeta. She still has the video clip of the accident. She doesn’t see anything that can help her against Preeta. She sees Mahira pushing Preeta in front of the truck, in the video clip. She calls someone to get the video edited. She wants Preeta to be seen as culprit. Ramona feels sorry that things are getting bad between Kareena and Rakhi. She apologizes to Kareena.

Kareena doesn’t think that Rakhi will be upset on her. They both have different opinion regarding Preeta. She relieves Ramona of her guilt. Ramona tells about her birthday. She feels Rakhi didn’t wish her due to the annoyance. Kareena wants to throw a birthday party for Ramona. Elsewhere, Sarla scolds Janki for drinking the cough syrup. Rishabh brings Rakhi to their home. Shrishti asks him to save Janki from Sarla’s anger. She gets pleased to see Rakhi. She welcomes them. Sarla and Preeta get glad to meet the only positive people from Luthra family.

Rakhi showers love on Preeta. Rakhi apologizes to Sarla that she didn’t help her. Sarla tells Rakhi that Rishabh helped them and saved Preeta. Janki gets intoxicated by consuming huge dose of cough syrup. She laughs on their formal talk. Rakhi assures that she will explain Mahira about Preeta. She promises to fix everything. Rishabh wishes the best for Preeta. He wants to ensure her smile and happiness. Rakhi apologizes on Kareena’s behalf.

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  1. Sherilyn is very smart. She wil get the video edited and will use it against preeta. I request karan please don’t trust. Mahira. Preeta is your best friend support her

  2. Karan should believe and trust Pretha cause she is his best friend first then his so-called wife. Don’t trust Sherilyn and Mahira at all.

  3. How come only the evil person triumphs ? Only the evil don’t get exposed in the serials ? In life is it like that too ? Be evil you will win in everything in real life ? Trust , faith , hope have no place ??

  4. This serial is getting worst day by day…the character of karan is total rubbish in all the senses….preeta is always portrayed as a bechari she should atleast take stand for herself…moreover Sherylyn has all her ways of getting everything done against preeta and everyone believes her woww ( slow claps ) not karan but preeta should actually get married to Rishabh he’s more mature and understanding than Karan…atleast he believes her…

  5. I always thought that Rishabh and Pretha would have been married, Karan is an idiot, his character shows him as low class, he is very rude and ungentlemanly, when are Prithvi and Sherilyn going to end up in jail, they are both evil and are murderers,

  6. Both serials are getting boring. It so true that these serials portrays that by being evil, it’s Ok.Its teaching the younger generation wrong values. Typical example is Sherylyn and Aaliya.

  7. Both serials are getting boring. It so true that these serials portrays that by being evil, it’s Ok.Its teaching the younger generation wrong values. Typical example are Sherylyn and Aaliya.

  8. Sherilyn my dear, hope you do know what accident means so how come you thave the footage the accident and wants to do editing.Can the Luthran’s think about this especially Kareena Bua. Nobody knows about when accidents are going to happen unless you the planner


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