Kundali Bhagyya Coming Chaos Karan weird silence

Kundali Bhagya Karan bold denial shocks Luthras

Kundali Bhagyya Coming Chaos Karan weird silence Rishabh rebukes Sherlyn in anger. He tells her that she already knows his affection for Aroras. She tells him that Preeta is really the culprit. He asks her not to force her imagination on everyone. He tells her that he believes Preeta a lot. She asks him if he doesn’t believe his wife. He tells her that he would always believe Preeta. He warns her that their marriage will suffer if she does something against Preeta. She questions him about his belief on Preeta. He tells that Preeta is Karan’s wife and needs support from Luthras.

He tells that Mahesh retired from business after his first attack, he took over the business and did his responsibility, he is still doing his duty and protecting Preeta. She tells that he believes Preeta more than Karan does. He tells that Karan also believes Preeta, though he doesn’t express. He asks her not to try to think of their bonding. She gets too upset with his reply.

Meanwhile, Karan asks Preeta about her concern. She tells him that she cares for one and all, being a doctor, she is concerned for everyone. He doesn’t want her to lie. She asks him to clear his mind. He wants answers from her. He questions his own feelings. She asks him to ask his heart for the answers.

Janki calls Karan and Preeta to come for cake cutting. Sherlyn conspires to break Rishabh and Karan’s faith on Preeta. She wants them to see the video once. She can do anything to get Karan out of her way. On the other hand, Mahira dreams of Karan. She is madly in love with him. She wishes to marry him soon. Karan joins the Aroras for the celebrations. Preeta likes the cake a lot. Preeta cuts the cake with her family. Karan also holds her hand, much to everyone’s surprise. Karan and Preeta’s moment breaks after he gets Mahira’s call. Mahira learns that he is at Preeta’s house. Preeta gets caught by the police once again. Mahira gets angered knowing Karan is with Preeta. Inspector wants to take Preeta for interrogation again.

Mahira tells Sherlyn that Karan is with Preeta. Sarla and Shrishti defend Preeta. Inspector tells them that Preeta is charged with two new cases, she is charged for cheat and half-murder. Preeta gets worried. She pleads her innocent. She tells the inspector that she is bailed by Rishabh. Karan gets silent to witness the bad happening. Sarla doesn’t want Preeta go to with the police. Preeta asks for help. She gets handcuffed. Inspector tells her that she won’t get the bail this time, since he has the solid evidence against her.

Preeta asks Sarla to save her. Sarla has hope that Karan will help. Shrishti asks inspector how can he suddenly put charges on Preeta. Karan stands like a statue, with Aroras staring at him. Karan doesn’t move an inch, while Sarla and Preeta break down into tears. Aroras leave and follow Preeta. They beg inspector to leave Preeta. Inspector tells that he has the proof and can’t leave Preeta this time. Karan leaves from there. Sarla realizes that Karan left silently. She thinks she can’t expect anything else from him. Sarla and Janki stop the neighbors from backbiting about Preeta. Karan gets into the same dilemma again.

His mind makes him recall Kareena and Mahira’s words. He doesn’t want Preeta to do bad with his family. He also thinks of Preeta saving his family and also treating Dadi. He wants to decide if Preeta is positive or not. Mahira goes mad in anger. She asks Sherlyn to do something and stop Karan from helping Preeta. Sherlyn tells Mahira that Preeta is arrested again, their plan is working. She asks Mahira to keep her calm, Karan will eventually come back to her. Mahira hopes for her problems to get solved. Sherlyn pacifies her.

Sarla and Shrishti don’t find any taxi or rickshaw. They want to go to the police station. Karan returns to help them. Sarla doesn’t want Shrishti to take help from Karan. Shrishti asks Sarla to keep aside the ego and just get in the car. Karan doesn’t break his silence. Preeta finds Karan with her family. She hopes that he bails her out. Sarla assures to free her daughter even if Karan doesn’t support her. Preeta wants to know if Karan believes her or not. She gets disturbed with Karan’s silence.

Best comment by Tushar:
The episode is quite good. But when Preeta will again get arrested then will Karan help her. If he does not, then it will be the silliest thing Karan would have ever done. After confessing his love for Preeta he should help and trust Preeta.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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  1. I think, team is streching by adding silly twist, why not plotting prithvi entry in exchange where karan still in dilemma, privthi will save preeta in exchange of marriage, on other hand sherlin will fight for her marriage to save her dream, meanwhile karan will be in conscious and wanted to go for help, he will get shocked when preeta show her anger hatred and break all unwanted ties with him, on the same day where preeta and prithvi , mahira and karan wedding going to happen, mahesh get conscious and break marriage. After all truth karan want to save his marriage, but preeta iss already married. It will ne fun to see what will happen, because preeta is emotional and Prithvi will be his husband.

  2. The serial is really testing the viewers intelligence. Luthras live in a mansion, with several rooms and jewellery worth crores, but not a single cctv, what a joke. At the rate they are going the trp for this serial is on the way down.

  3. Ab jake show kuch achaa hua hai… We only want Karan’s trust for preeta… that’s the osm thing …just loved it…love the preeran romance….# lots of love for kundali bhagya…#love you preeran..??♥️

  4. It the most predictable movie. Sherlyn gets away with ever she does. Luthers are tje most stupid ppl with money. Cant figure out anything

  5. In Kundli Bhagya, they are always showing the evil win always, if the hero/ heroin win, they make it as a dream sequence. The message it is sending to the society is not at all acceptable and good, it will pollute the young mind with these type (Prithvi/Sherlin) of evil thinking. The hero character made as a dumb. If he loves Preetha, he would have believed her earlier also, even if nobody believe her. He would have stood by her side. He knows that earlier, Preetha not even think of herself, she accepted that she was Karan in that Hotel to protect Karan. He forgot all these events, in seconds. In my opinion, Preetha should get free from this marriage and live her life independently and reject Karan, as he never believe her when she needed him.


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