Kundali Spoiler Magical Karan Preeta Arrest shocks lovers

Kundali Spoiler Magical Karan Preeta Arrest shocks lovers

Kundali Spoiler Magical Karan Preeta Arrest shocks the lovers After the Maha Episode filled with much romance, songs in the background playing for Preeran, and much love in the air, Karan still seems clueless about his feelings for Preeta. Karan and Preeta get into a long romantic sequence. Karan tells her that he had come to question her about the accident, but he isn’t able to scold her. He tells that his heart melts when he sees her, he doesn’t know the reason for this. He tells Preeta that he wants to know why he cares for her and doesn’t want to hurt her.

Preeta tells him that he must be having the answer himself, since it so happens always that whenever he asks her something, he is the one who holds the answer. She asks him to ask out his heart about his feelings. He keeps asking her so as to make her confess love. He wants to know why she cares for him. She tells him that she cares for him, since she is his wife, she is dutiful towards her husband. She also adds that she doesn’t hurt anyone, she is caring towards everyone because of her nature. Karan believes her.

The more he talks to her, the more he gets inclined towards her. She wants Karan to confess love. He wants to know if she really told Mahira that she doesn’t want Mahira to marry him. Preeta admits that she told Mahira not to marry her (Preeta) husband Karan. Karan wants to confess love to her. The moment breaks when the police comes home to arrest Preeta. The inspector shows the video clip against Preeta. Karan gets speechless. Preeta wants him to trust her and save her from the trap created by Sherlyn and Mahira. Will Karan save Preeta from the ugly blames or will his feelings for Preeta get switched off again? Keep reading.

Best comment by Jennifer Vidale:

This serial is the worst. The writer just take a person of good character and make them evil overnight. Karen’s role Is worst than a stalker. Sherlyn and her never ending pregnancy. The father staying comatose forever. The story itself doesn’t make sense. Time to end it abruptly. Nonsensical.

Reviewed Rating for this particular twist: 3/5
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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:

Nia throws a party at home just for her dad’s sake. She wants to settle her dad with someone good. She invites all the prospective partners for Amber. Guneet joins the party with the doctor, whom she is dating. Guneet gets impressed with Amber when he sings a romantic song, one of her favorites. Guneet and Amber play the game with everyone. They get paired up. Guneet doesn’t think Amber is her chat friend. Amber too doesn’t know the truth. He cares the least for Guneet. Amber and Guneet want to get some time off and chat with each other on the online networking app. Nia wishes that Guneet finds someone for himself and stays happy. Nia and Randeep come closer in the get together.



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