Nimki Vidhayak Dramatic climax Shakti Dad Ki Dulhan

Dad Ki Dulhan Dreamy romance surprises for Guneet

Nimki Vidhayak Dramatic climax Shakti Dad Ki Dulhan Snips Dadu is the only one in Virat’s house who understands him. Virat thinks he really doesn’t want to meet Heer. Heer thinks to meet him in college. She greets him seeing in college and asks if he didn’t recognize her well. She reminds that he had said I love you to her yesterday. Virat holds her hands and takes her outside. Rohan and Soham wait for Heer to come. Soham asks why Heer is taking time, if she met any guy on the way. He gets worried and searches Heer. Virat tells Heer that he didn’t go to terrace for her, but was interested in 75000 money which he got after winning the bet. Heer is shocked and regrets to think of his confession seriously.

Nimki Vidhayak:


Ganga takes Anaro’s help in framing Nimki. She frames Nimki in the charge of women trafficking. Nimki gets troubled when the police arrives to arrest her. Anaro testifies against Nimki. She wants revenge on Nimki. She wants Nimki and her entire family to land in jail. Sweety scolds Anaro for her madness. Anaro asks Sweety not to join hands with their enemies. Nimki and Abhimanyu come up with evidence against Ganga and Mishra on time. Abhimanyu presents the pen drive and asks inspector to check the confession video of Ganga. Nimki gets a clean chit. She gets Ganga arrested for the crime.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan: Nia and her friends make a list of the ladies who can be a good match for Amber. Shri and Kajal bet on whom Nia will choose between Randeep and Kabir. Guneet and Amber’s bonding get stronger and they start feeling for each other. Guneet makes food for Dr. Anurag and messages Amber about the guest coming home. Amber messages that anyone will get impressed with her at first sight.

Guneet replies to ask when did you see me? Amber messages that he saw her with his heart. Guneet smiles. Nia asks Amber to get ready and asks why he didn’t change yet. Amber says you are saying as if girl’s family is coming. Just then he gets Guneet’s messages. Nia notices his mobile beeping and asks whose messages is coming. Amber hides from Nia about his chat friend.

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