Beyhadh Rudra unexpected decision Maya stunning move

Beyhadh Rudra unexpected decision Maya stunning move

Beyhadh Rudra unexpected decision Maya stunning move Maya provokes Rudra and calls him a coward. She confesses her love to him. She tells him that he should follow his heart. He tells her that he is doing everything for Rishi’s sake, he has to marry Ananya. She gets over drunk and makes him feel guilty. He tells her that he has taken his decision and can’t change it. He wants her to forget him. Maya doesn’t let him go. She tells him that he can’t get into a loveless marriage with Ananya. She charms him with her love. Maya plays the intense drama convincingly. She doesn’t drink since she may fall weak and commit any mistake. She doesn’t have time to waste. She has to stop Rudra from marrying Ananya.

She makes her new plans of killing Rudra. She wants to turn Mrityunjay weaker by losing all the support. Ananya confronts Rudra about his relationship with Maya. Maya wants Rudra to confess his love. Rudra fails to prove himself to Ananya. She asks him to call up Maya. Maya tells him that she is going to punish herself and get away. She tells that she will not have any deal with him from now. Rudra tells Ananya that he can’t lose Maya. He runs to meet Maya at her place. Ananya wants to accompany him. Maya attracts Rudra by her charm.

He enters the swimming pool for her sake even when he is water phobic. He wants Maya to trust him and not hurt herself. He falls into trouble. He begins to sink and asks Maya to help him. Maya saves him after enjoying the sight for long. Ananya finds them together in the pool. Maya asks Rudra to realize his love, if he had failed his fears and risked his life for her sake. Rudra confesses his love to Maya.

She tells him that love gives courage to a person. She encourages him. Ananya barges into Maya’s house with anger. Maya creates a misunderstanding between Ananya and Rudra. Maya goes mad in anger knowing Rudra didn’t call off his marriage with Ananya. Maya takes the extreme step to risk her life and trap Rudra in her plans. Rudra gives up to her and marries her.

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