Kundali Bhagyaa Surprising Terrific Preeran upcoming

Kundali Bhagyaa Surprising Terrific Preeran upcoming

Kundali Bhagyaa Surprising Terrific Preeran moments Preeta wants to know Karan’s opinion about her. Shrishti tells her that she feels Karan is still thinking about her and is confused. She doesn’t want Preeta to get hurt. Sarla asks Karan not to meet Preeta if he doesn’t trust her and thinks she is the culprit. Sherlyn and Rakhi plan the party for Ramona’s birthday. Sherlyn is upset with Rishabh. She wants him to get breaking news of Preeta’s arrest, so that his smile vanishes. Mahira thanks Sherlyn for always helping her. Mahira tries to bring Kareena and Rakhi together. Rishabh wants to know what is Mahira up to.

Kareena tries to end the differences and hugs Rakhi. Rishabh is glad that Mahira brought them together. He knows Mahira is a sensible girl. He wants Mahira to understand that Preeta isn’t wrong. Sherlyn wants Rishabh to not think about Preeta. She tells that Rishabh will know that she provided the evidence, but he won’t be able to help Preeta this time. She tells that Preeta is arrested and she has confirmed this news. Sarla tells Karan that Preeta always stood by him like a true friend.

She counts Preeta’s favors on him. She tells that Preeta is selfless and true. She asks him to leave if he doesn’t trust Preeta. Karan speaks to the inspector to know about the evidence source. Inspector tells that he is Karan’s fan, but can’t help him. He tells that Sherlyn has provided the video clip, it clearly shows that Preeta tried to kill Mahira. Sarla questions Karan about his faith again. Karan doesn’t want anyone to stop him from meeting Preeta. He asks Sarla to allow him. He tells that Preeta is looking at him with much hope. He meets Preeta and tries to cheer her up.


Preeta asks him about the accusation on her. He tells her that she shouldn’t give him much importance, she should not depend her happiness on anyone. He tells her that he will free her by getting her a clean chit so that her innocence is known to everyone. He consoles her. She gets glad to know that he trusts her. He promises her that they will be together soon. She wants to know why is he doing so much for her. He tells her that she is his wife, he wants to return her favors. He asks her to take care. Sarla asks the inspector to help her. He asks her to hire a good lawyer.

Karan makes a leave and calls Rishabh to inform. Rishabh stays busy on a work call. Sherlyn tells Mahira that Rakhi and Rishabh’s calm behavior will change into stormy one after knowing about Preeta’s arrest. Karan calls Sherlyn. She tells Mahira that Karan will try to talk to her. She answers his call and asks him to come home if he wants to talk. Sherlyn predicts a big drama with Karan’s entry. The party goes on well. Ramona is happy. Mahira tells Kareena that Preeta spoiled her memories. Sherlyn awaits Karan. She wants to ruin the peace and happiness of Rishabh. Dadi asks Sherlyn not to be upset with Rishabh.

She praises Sherlyn for being a good Bahu. Sherlyn knows that her drama won’t work on Rishabh and Karan. Sarla and Shrishti go to meet lawyer Mr. Sharma with much hope. They learn about his high fees. They meet the lawyer, who takes up the case. He studies the case and tells that he knows about Karan Luthra. He assures that she will win this case. He charges half fees, which makes Sarla very grateful. Karan reaches home to meet Sherlyn and know about the video. He feels Sherlyn has trapped Preeta.

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Best Comment by Tushar:

Finally Karan Belived Preeta. He came to know that the main culprit is Sherlyn. I want that at the end Mahira should also get exposed. Sherlyn should go to jail, Karan and Preeta should get married and Mahira should be left without anyone’s trust, care and love.

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  1. Karan should understand the conspiracy behind jailing preeta. He should not be a mere spectator with an oscillating opinion. It is time he exposes sherlyn. She cannot go on and on. Enough is enough.

  2. The scriptwriter is making karan look like a fool denying his love for preeta unnecessarily. Sarla’s lawyer should dig deeper to be able to expose sherlyn’s previous crimes as well….but I guess the scriptwriter is mentally challenged to write sense.


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