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Shakti Raabta Choti Sardarrni Top 4 Spoilers Lined Harleen gives a welcome speech for Meher. She praises Meher for always bringing the family out of problems all the time. Meher and Sarabjeet are glad that Harleen has accepted their relation. Harleen has no problem with Meher. She still looks disturbed when its about Meher’s pregnancy. Meher senses that Harleen is still against Manav’s child coming into the family. Meher and Sarabjeet don’t want Harleen to oppose the coming child.

Shakti: Heer decides to throw money on Virat’s face to teach him a lesson. She doesn’t want to bear the insult. Shanno gives her the money and asks her to give it to Virat to insult him. Heer takes the money to Virat and lectures him about his dirty bet. She blames him for breaking a girl’s heart for money. She asks him to keep the money, which is an answer from her heart. She tells him that the money will always remind him that he is so greedy that he can fall to any level. She calls him a selfish and fraud person. She keeps her esteem by giving him a solid answer. Preeto doesn’t know that Heer has gone to meet Virat. Preeta learns that Heer isn’t at home. She gets a shock.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Kalyani gets threatened by Rachit. He is too angered that Malhar got him arrested in a drink and drive case. He tells her that he won’t tolerate if she spends time with Malhar. He tells that she has compelled him for doing the worst. He asks her to check her phone. He threatens about her son Moksh. He tells her that Moksh will suffer a lot if he doesn’t get medicines on time. Kalyani gets compelled and declares that she never had any relation with Malhar. She insults Malhar and hurts his heart. She asks Rachit about Moksh. She runs to find Moksh and gets mad in fear. She wants to save Moksh from Rachit.

Best comment by Lilou:
The CVs are breaking the kalma couple. We are destroying malhar. Enough. Tired of this plot to separate them.


Amar acts good in front of Shiv. He doesn’t want Shiv to doubt him. He wants Shiv’s powers. Mohini tells Amar that he can’t tolerate the powers in his body, Shiv is very powerful. She promises him that he will get Ananya. She wants to get her powers and help Amar. Amar tells her that he wants more powers than Shiv and her. She tells him that she has raised him like a son, she can’t see him becoming a devil. He tells her that he wants to become a devil.

He has an ultimate wish to kill Shiv and get Ananya. He wants powers to become more stronger than Shiv. He demands the powers like a childish person. He tells her that he can’t tolerate Shiv’s happiness and Ananya’s love. He wants to kill Shiv to get mental peace. Mohini asks him to create misunderstandings between Shiv and Ananya.

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Sanjivani Unthinkable twist Sid’s life threatened


  1. Kaliyani hurts a little more each day the feelings of malhar .. Just where not .. Nobody must undergo so much harm for a love .. The new promotion which shows malhar confessing his love is again a lure because kaliyani will just massacre it because of Sampada and Rachit .. I admit that malhar was not always easy .. But still .. At least tell him why we blackmail him in kaliyani .. At least tell malhar that pillu is sick .. See the CV uses the health of a child to exploit the weakness of the parents. What happens in real in the end but in the series accentuates this fact. Because yes, some parent uses this kind of strategy to keep the other parent under influence. Is this the message that the series wishes to pass .. NO I do not think so .. But what good is it to say what we think because CV does not take into account our feelings .. Anyway .. Kaliyani hurts feelings and breaks them spirit of malhar ” .. A little fed up that blackmail is the essential element that destroys a couple .. Although kaka admits that Riddhi is not his daughter .. I dare imagine something else .. Who can say that ‘she is the daughter of malhar .. In short kaliyani who hurts malhar and cv gives us magic with the dream sequence but then kaliyani who seems sick and we see malhar who immerses her in the water and tells her his feelings .. But kaliyani goes massacred them just for rachit and Sampada blackmail. Too disgusted

  2. What stood out well in last night’s episode is that finally anusar especially Anupriya finally raised his voice and expressing his feeling and above all shouting all his anger at kaka .. And finally we learn the truth about riddhi .. Anyway .. They needed that .. Why Kalma can’t do this. CV please stop hiding this truth from malhar .. Every good father like malhar should know that his son is sick .. Oh my God just a request .. made that pillu is good and that no one makes him sick. It is bad to see that Sampada can go so petty and cunning to harm the health of a child just to separate kalma. It would be unhealthy to know that we make him sick just to sate an unhealthy idea to bring kaliyani of rachit and Sampada of malhar. See Sampada smile when malhar see that pillu is dull and sleeps a lot and that spits blackmail on treatment .. Nooo .. Malhar has the right to know this truth about his son .. Stop .. He must know


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