Chahatein Latest Prisha wedding Threatening Promo

Chahatein Latest Prisha wedding Threatening Promo

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Chahatein Latest Prisha wedding Threatening Promo Gopal tries to take Yuvraj’s help. Yuvraj informs him about the case hearing due tomorrow. He tells that he can’t help Prisha much, but assures to give the verdict in her favor to save her future. Gopal gets glad to know that Yuvraj is appointed as the judge for Prisha’s case. He is sure that Yuvraj will save her. He shares the good news with Vasu. Vasu takes Saransh to his school. Yuvraj wants to get rid of Prisha. Ahana gets white clothes to have a perfect widow image. Mishika tells her that she can’t go out of the home.

Ahana tells her that she will make the excuse of school and act like a sacrificing person. She tells that they will go wherever they want after spending some time at the school. Ahana fakes tears in front of Rudraksh and his mum. She cries that she can’t be home and miss Rajeev more. Rudraksh understands her sorrow. He tells that he will drop her to the school. She tells that she can’t leave her duties as the school trustee and attend an important meeting. Rudraksh thinks she cares a lot for the school kids. Ahana fools them.

Vasu and Saransh get upset when the students and their parents speak ill about Prisha. The people tag Prisha as the culprit. They want Saransh out of the school. Vasu defends Prisha’s image. She doesn’t want anyone to misjudge Prisha without any proof. She tells them that Prisha’s innocence will be proved in the court. Ahana meets them and scolds Vasu for the misbehavior. She accuses Prisha for killing Rajeev. She insults Vasu and Saransh further. Saransh happens to see Rudraksh there and seeks his help.

Rudraksh hates Prisha and also her family. He asks Ahana to throw out Saransh from the school and punish the family. He wants revenge on Prisha’s family. He doesn’t want to pity even little Saransh. He supports Ahana in her previous decision to expel Saransh. Ahana asks Vasu to take Saransh home, since a murderer’s son can’t study in her school. Saransh cries a lot. Vasu tells him that its just a game and they will win. Gopal worries for Prisha. He meets Yuvraj and requests him to save Prisha from going to the jail. Prisha is in sorrow. Yuvraj tells Gopal that he will save Prisha and then get arrested for cheating his duty.

He lectures Gopal about his principles. He tells that he has to support the truth and do his duty, rather than thinking of personal relations. He asks Gopal to remember his teachings. He reminds that Gopal didn’t recommend him to the judge committee because of his principles. He fakes his tears. He tells that he will surely help Prisha, since she is his life, she will give the verdict according to the evidences. Gopal is speechless. Rudraksh meets Yuvraj and offers him ten crores to give the verdict against Prisha.

He asks him to give a death sentence to Prisha. Yuvraj is much shocked. He thinks he is lucky to get money and also get rid of Prisha. He accepts Rudraksh’s offer. Yuvraj convicts Prisha. Prisha and her parents realize Yuvraj’s huge deceive. Rudraksh gets Prisha and Saransh kidnapped. Rudraksh will threaten Prisha to convince her for marriage to ruin her life. What is Rudraksh up to? Keep reading.

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