Colors Upcoming Spoilers Shakti Sardarrni Bepannah

Colors Upcoming Spoilers Shakti Sardarrni Bepannah

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Colors Upcoming Spoilers Shakti Sardarrni Bepannah Pyaar Meher, Param and Sarabjeet have a moment when they get twinning their clothes. Meher and Sarabjeet kiss Param. Param puts them in a fix when he asks them to share the same moment. Sarabjeet loves Meher a lot for her selfless nature. He knows she doesn’t love him. He respects her decision and emotions. Sarabjeet fixes a rose in her hair. He feels close to her. He doesn’t want Meher to feel uncomfortable. Sarabjeet and Meher have a cute moment. Harleen witnesses them together.

Virat is hurt that he isn’t on good terms with his parents. He shares his feelings with his Dadu. He doesn’t want to play with anyone’s feelings. He didn’t wish to hurt Heer. He tells Dadu that he would never take the money from Heer or anyone, he can’t make an opportunity from someone’s problem. He shows much maturity. He tells Dadu that he will find a way to fulfill his dreams, he can’t hurt anyone’s sentiments for his purpose. Heer gets to see his unseen side. She keeps hidden from him.

Heer hears Virat’s true feelings. She falls for Virat. She realizes he isn’t an evil person. She wants to help him. She tells Virat that she changed her decision after knowing his truth. She apologizes for misunderstanding him. She befriends Virat. He feels love for Virat. Preeto isn’t aware that Heer has fallen in love.

Bepannah Pyaar:
Raghbir tells Pragati that he will prove his love for her. He asks her not to favor her friend Sahas. He gets Pragati’s name tattoooed on his chest. He wants Pragati to believe his love. Pragati loves Raghbir a lot. Pragati gets attacked by someone. She gets threatened. She wonders who is behind the attack.

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