Kumkum Today Prachi misled Ishq SubhanAllah Upcoming

Kumkum Today Prachi misled Ishq SubhanAllah Upcoming

Kumkum Today Prachi misled Ishq SubhanAllah Upcoming Maya fakes the suicide in front of Prachi. Prachi saves Maya’s life and slaps her to stop her from attempting suicide again. Maya fakes tears and tells her that Ranbir left no option for her than to die. She tells Prachi that Ranbir has really ruined her life, and when everyone is supporting him by not believing her, then she won’t be willing to live. She asks Prachi to support her and get against Ranbir. She threatens to die. Prachi gets helpless to stop her madness. Rhea wishes that Prachi breaks her friendship with Ranbir.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer gets too heartbroken. He doesn’t want to respect his father, who is a criminal. He hates his father for the crimes. He tells the Lord that he will not have any belief from now, since Shahbaz is alive, free and respectable even now. He doesn’t want to spare Shahbaz. He decides to kill Shahbaz. He wants justice for Zara and himself. Zara hears Kabeer taking the oath and gets worried. Kabeer meets Shahbaz and tells him that he will kill Shahbaz just like Shahbaz killed Zara. He points gun at Shahbaz, shocking Shahbaz, Zeenat and Ruksar. Kabeer wants to settle scores. Zara stops Kabeer from killing Shahbaz. She doesn’t want Kabeer to become a criminal.

Kabeer traps Shahbaz in the net. He scares Shahbaz and tells him that he will throw him into the acid tank. Shahbaz asks him to leave and stop the madness. Kabeer doesn’t want to spare him. Kabeer’s humanity stops him. He throws Shahbaz away.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:
Guneet is going to marry Anurag, who is much impressed by her charming personality. Anurag too puts efforts in winning her heart. Guneet too starts liking him. He sings for her and surprises her romantically. Guneet gets blushing by his surprise. Amber meets a musician in the party. Nia wants Amber to meet the lady and know her well. Amber and Guneet have a strong liking for each other because of their online friendship.

They get into new relationships. Guneet doesn’t know her feelings. She feels special because of her chat friend. She shares her feelings with Amber about her new relationship with Dr. Anurag. She is left impressed by Anurag. Amber asks Guneet to marry the doctor, who is the best option for her. Guneet sings a melodious song and leaves Amber stunned.

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