Kulfi Kumar Remarkable entry Sikandar returns to form

Kulfi Kumar Remarkable entry Sikandar returns to form

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Kulfi Kumar Remarkable entry Sikandar returns to form Kulfi and Chalu get worried when Lovely threatens of breaking the house. Chalu’s aides ask Kulfi to come out of the door and run to her room. Kulfi gets scared seeing Lovely there. They run to Lovely’s room and break something to distract her. Lovely hears the sound and thinks someone is checking her room. She gets worried and asks Beauty and Cutie to check. She runs to her room. Chalu switches off the lights in the house. Kulfi makes an escape from the room. She gets saved from Lovely. Lovely finds something fishy. She rushes to check on Kulfi. She finds Kulfi in her room and is shocked. She wonders how did this happen.

Chalu asks Lovely if she is satisfied now. She asks Lovely to just go away. Lovely tells that she can sense something going on and will definitely find out. When she goes away, Kulfi tells Chalu that she tried to motivate Sikandar to fight back with his will power. She tells that she has to meet Sikandar every day to boost his morale. She has to spend time with him and help him recover. Chalu tells her that Amyra is Lovely’s weakness, they have to take advantage of this to keep Lovely engaged. Amyra looks for her phone. She asks Lovely to get a new phone for her.

Lovely takes Amyra for shopping. Chalu takes Amyra’s phone to send them away. She tells that Lovely is strange to leave Beauty and Cutie behind. She tells that Beauty and Cutie should also go for shopping and spa. Beauty tells Lovely that they will also come along. Lovely thinks Chalu can’t find Sikandar. She doesn’t want to leave Mohendar behind, so that he doesn’t help Kulfi. She asks Mohendar to drive the car. She takes him along. Kulfi, Chalu and the aides try to encourage Sikandar. He moves his fingers. Lovely returns home. Chalu learns about Lovely and sends Sikandar back to his place. Chalu and Kulfi behave calm. Lovely suspects them.

Amyra tells Lovely that she lost her ipad as well. Lovely takes Amyra along for shopping alone. Chalu tells Kulfi that they have to go back to Sikandar, they have to scare him and compel him to get up. Lovely recalls that Chalu had instigated Beauty and Cutie to go with her. She realizes Chalu and Sittu’s plans. She tells that Kulfi and her team think they are too wise, but not they shall get caught. She waits outside the house for some time to give them a chance to do their wishful. She wants to catch Chalu red-handed. Chalu’s aide tries to kill Kulfi and scare Sikandar.

They mock the drama to help Sikandar recover. Sikandar gets scared for Kulfi’s life. He tries hard to sign Kulfi about the masked attacker around her. Sittu hides and keeps a watch on Sikandar’s movement. Kulfi acts unaware. He breaks out his bad state and turns normal. He rushes to save Kulfi. Lovely and Amyra return home. They get a huge shock on finding him well. Amyra gets too happy. She thanks Kulfi for making her dad fine. Lovely fears that he won’t spare her now. Will Sikandar speak up Lovely’s truth and get her arrested? Keep reading.

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Best Comment by Edwena Bell:
I agree that this series gives a negative example to children, the bad characters seem to triumph over the good far too much.

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One response to “Kulfi Kumar Remarkable entry Sikandar returns to form”

  1. Hafeela Akbar Avatar
    Hafeela Akbar

    The trend of events now in Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala is wonderful which shows that the story is leading to a happy end.
    The Director has beautifully projected Kulfi, being the heroine, as a rare child with courage, truthful and having faith in God, extreme patience and a talent for singing that can move anyone to tears.
    The expressions of these good qualities of Kulfi are acted so well that it creates a very good example to several children and their families, who watch this story from many countries.
    In spite of the fact that Kulfi is going through an unhappy childhood with much obstacles faced due to the cruelty of her stepmother; Loveleen, Kulfi’s love and respect for her father and late mother is limitless.

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