Kumkum Bhagyaa Ranbir heartbroken Prachi shocks Kohlis

Kumkum Bhagyaa Ranbir heartbroken Prachi shocks Kohlis

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Kumkum Bhagyaa Ranbir heartbroken Prachi shocks Kohlis Prachi apologizes to Maya for not believing her before. Rhea asks Prachi not to come in Maya’s nonsense and come with her. Prachi tells that she is going with Maya to get justice for her. She goes with Maya to the police station to support her. Rhea tells Juhi that Prachi is shockingly going against Ranbir. Aryan teases Ranbir about his lover. Ranbir pulls his leg as well. Rhea meets them at the office. She tells Ranbir that she needs to talk to him urgently about Prachi. Ranbir asks her about the matter. Rhea tells him that Prachi got against him. She reveals the entire incident. She tells that Prachi rushed to save Maya’s life.

Ranbir gets worried for Prachi and wants to know if she is fine. She asks him to focus on the matter than Prachi. He wants to go and see if Prachi is fine. He gets angry on her story telling. She tells him that Prachi has joined Maya and told that she will change her statement. She tells that Prachi is against him. He doesn’t believe her. He tells her that he trusts Prachi, she can never change her side, she will always stand by him. She asks him to go and find out if Prachi trusts him. He tells her that he will not believe anything against Prachi. She asks him to regret for his trust. Aryan wants to know the matter.

Prachi recalls Ranbir and Maya’s moments. She gets confused about Ranbir. Maya gets glad that Prachi is blindly believing her. Prachi meets the inspector and tells him that she gave statement in Ranbir’s favor before, she was wrong and want to change her statement. Inspector gets surprised. Ranbir tells Aryan that Rhea shouldn’t talk anything bad about Prachi. He knows Rhea’s real intentions. He thinks she is much evil and hates Prachi. Ranbir tells Aryan that Rhea was forcing him to trap Prachi in love and break her heart. He feels he was immature and was following Rhea’s words, thinking he loves Rhea.

He tells that he had proposed Rhea with love, but she kept the bad condition to take her revenge on Prachi. Ranbir tells Aryan that Prachi is really nice, a pure soul and won his heart. Rhea can’t believe that Rhea could fall so low. Ranbir asks Aryan not to tell anyone about Rhea’s plans. Aryan doesn’t think Ranbir is at fault. He tells Ranbir that Rhea trapped Prachi in the drug case. He tells that he has heard Rhea and Sanju talking. He asks Ranbir not to trust Rhea when its about Prachi, Rhea is jealous of Prachi and hates her. Ranbir is angered that Rhea framed Prachi. He doesn’t want Rhea to do anything against Prachi.

He swears to protect Prachi. Meanwhile, Rhea goes to meet Abhi. She asks him to help her. He tells that he will do anything for her. She shares her plan. She insists him to just help her some way. Abhi agrees thinking Ranbir and Rhea love each other. Ranbir tries calling Prachi. Aryan asks him about Prachi. Ranbir asks him to call Shahana so that they can ask about Prachi. They call Shahana and ask for Prachi. Prachi makes Shahana lie to them. Ranbir feels something is wrong. Police comes to arrest Ranbir. Kohlis are shocked. Inspector tells Vikram that Ranbir’s bail is cancelled, since they have evidence against Ranbir now.

He tells that they have a witness to testify against Ranbir. Pallavi and Dida quarrel with the inspector. They don’t want the police to trouble Ranbir. Vikram tells Inspector that Prachi’s statement matters in the case, she doesn’t lie always. Inspector tells Vikram that Prachi changed her statement, she is the witness in Maya’s favor. Ranbir can’t believe this. Kohli gets in shock. Inspector tells them that Prachi was in guilt to lie and came to police station to admit the truth. He scolds Kohlis for pressuring Prachi to lie before. Ranbir realizes Rhea was right. He gets arrested. He feels insulted because of Prachi.

His family gets in sorrow. Ranbir doesn’t want them to cry. Rhea gets Abhi on time. Abhi arranges a bail for Ranbir again. He asks Inspector to not arrest Ranbir. He tells that he didn’t believe Rhea before, but she insisted. Rhea tells them that Prachi was with Maya and supporting her. She tells that she predicted this happening and took Abhi’s help. Abhi saves Ranbir from the police. Ranbir’s trust on Prachi breaks. He wants to be alone. Abhi wants to know why did Prachi change her statement. Ranbir sheds tears on Prachi’s cheat.

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Best Comment by Lizzy:
Why they make these nice characters like Prachi act these stupid, brainless roles is beyond me. This show is getting from bad to worst. Where Maya know Prachi from to all of a sudden to be her supportive friend.

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7 responses to “Kumkum Bhagyaa Ranbir heartbroken Prachi shocks Kohlis”

  1. Samayra Avatar

    By bringing such twist in these stories the direction compels us to think that there is nothing called true love ….its all fake

    1. Shreya.Pandey1990@gmail.com Avatar

      Nautanki chalti thti hai hamesha kundali aur kumkum bhagya me en dono serial me mekars farjivada karte rahate hain kavi v kuch v achcha nhi dikhate burae hamesha jeeti hai kumkum bhagya me aj tak aur ab kundali me v..vahi dikhate hai. Lagatar jb se shuru huaa h

  2. S A Shaikh Avatar
    S A Shaikh

    Bakwas kar di he story ??????

  3. S chandrika Avatar
    S chandrika

    Love story start bhi nhi hua aur abhi se misunderstandigs…….??????????

  4. Bhagya Avatar

    Abhi abhi toh Ranbir Prachi ki love story shuru hui hai yaar ab yeh nautanki kyaa hai Prachi character bhii itni dumb kaise ho sakta hai sabki baaton mein aa jaati hai…. It’s not done

  5. Lovely Avatar

    Tired of this serial it bring bad example to the viewers

  6. Tome Avatar

    The adverts in the film is too much and more than the clips of the film, this don’t make sense

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