Kundalii Bhagya Zee Sherlyn ultimatum Rishabh stunner

Kundalii Bhagya Zee Sherlyn ultimatum Rishabh stunner

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Kundalii Bhagya Zee Sherlyn ultimatum Rishabh stunner Karan wants to talk to Sherlyn. He doesn’t want to tell Mahira about Preeta’s arrest. Rakhi asks him to change clothes and come in the party, since guests have arrived. Mahira informs Sherlyn that Karan is looking for her. Sherlyn tells her that she will avoid Karan, she doesn’t want to show the video to Karan, since he may send her phone to find about the video authenticity. Sherlyn bumps into Rishabh and Dadi. He finds Sherlyn’s behavior strange. Kritika tells Sameer that she can believe Sherlyn’s hatred for Preeta. They don’t know that Preeta is still in the jail. Karan tells them that Preeta is arrested again. They worry for Preeta.

Karan wants to free Preeta this time by getting a clean chit. He tells that Rishabh bailed her and she got arrested her, he will make sure that Preeta doesn’t face any problem again. He tells them that Sherlyn has trapped Preeta. Dadi asks Rishabh to treat Sherlyn well. She praises Sherlyn. Rakhi tells that they shall play a game. Mahira wants Sherlyn to get away from the party. Sherlyn makes excuses to avoid Karan. He understands her drama. Preeta misses Karan. Constable tells that Karan showed faith and will surely help Preeta.

Preeta is sure that Sarla will help her. She feels Karan wants to return her favor and will try to help. She wanted him to realize that she is his wife and his responsibility. She wishes that he loved her and trusted her. Sherlyn thinks she got saved. Karan follows her to talk about the video. He gets her phone and tries hard to unlock. He hides in her room and keeps an eye on her. Karan wants to talk to her face to face instead of hiding. He feels he did wrong to hide since he shouldn’t be in her bedroom. She thinks if Prithvi has come to surprise her. She tells that she will find her baby (Prithvi).

He thinks Sherlyn calls Rishabh as baby. He runs away from there. Sherlyn misses to see him. Sarla is super worried to arrange the lawyer’s fees so that she can help Preeta. Janki tries to help. Sarla wants to think well and plan the expenses. Sameer tells Karan that he had distracted Sherlyn so that he could run away. Karan tells Rishabh that someone calls him baby. Rishabh denies it. Karan wants to tell him about Preeta. He shocks Rishabh by the news of Preeta’s arrest. Rishabh can’t believe this. Karan tells that he went to meet Preeta and give the cheque, he saw her arrest and failed to stop.

He tells that Sherlyn has given a video clip to the police and proved that Preeta has pushed Mahira in front of the truck. He asks Rishabh to get Sherlyn’s phone. Rishabh gets angry on Sherlyn. Karan tells him that Sherlyn is manipulating Mahira. Rishabh rushes to reprimand Sherlyn. He asks her how could she get Preeta arrested. She tells that Preeta is ruining their family peace.

She tells him that she did everything for Karan and Mahira. He calls her jealous of Preeta. He doesn’t want her to hate Preeta. She asks him why does he care for Preeta so much. She tells him that he should be good towards her first, since she is his wife. He tells that Preeta can’t be wrong. She asks him not to favor Preeta.

He yells at her and demands the phone to check the footage. Sherlyn doesn’t want to give her phone. She threatens to leave the house if he doesn’t trust her. He asks her to get out of his house. She asks him to come to her home to pick her, at least for the sake of the phone. He clears out to her that he will never come to get her back, he had enough of her nonsense already. He asks Sherlyn to get lost, he cares nothing for her. She is much shocked by his unexpected ultimatum.

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13 responses to “Kundalii Bhagya Zee Sherlyn ultimatum Rishabh stunner”

  1. Tushar Avatar

    Sherlyn should be thrown out of the house and Mahira she never deserves karan’s love. The show must bring a twist by exposing Sherlyn or Mahira or karan and Preeta should get married. The show is getting quite boring. But please expose Sherlyn

  2. Rita Avatar

    It’s very true the show is getting boring same repeated acts does not make sense at all sherlyn should be exposed and what about her pregnancy how long will it last there is no sign whatsoever this show should come to an end and bring out some sensible new episode .

  3. Versha Avatar

    I feed up looking at it cause nothing is not happening

  4. Anjali sharma Avatar
    Anjali sharma

    टेलीविजन शो कुंडली भाग्य में काफी दिनों से ही कहानी प्रीत की समस्याओं के इर्द गिर्द घूम रही हैं मगर हालात ठीक से सुधरने का नाम नही ले रहे, पता नही जाने कब शर्लिन की सच्चाई पता लग पायगी सबको।

    1. Hasini Avatar

      Very boring serial, no sense at all, bubble gum jaisa sticky hi ,keenchke lejaarai ?

  5. Amrik singh vansal Avatar
    Amrik singh vansal

    Disgusting no sense to shelter sherlin.when her pregnancy will come out .pl shut it down

  6. Sanjana Dhami Avatar
    Sanjana Dhami

    The evil ones are constantly being sheltered instead of being exposed. Sherilyn Mahira now need to be exposed. Karan Preetas love hate story should come to a close. Good acting skills by Rishab , Shishti and where’s Sherlyns’ Baby ? disappeared ? No proper storyline. Just dragging.

  7. Mrinal Bhargava Avatar
    Mrinal Bhargava

    Pls end the show now. Getting bored.prithvi and sherlyn should be exposed. Happy ending nor

  8. Parvahi Avatar

    Time to expose sherlyn Or mahira

  9. Meera Avatar

    Its becoming boring to watch

  10. sumita Avatar

    stop projecting that evil always win over good . casualisation of murder, attempted murders have become cake walk for sherlyn & prithvi . This has become black serial instead of romantic drama …

    1. Anisha Avatar

      I agree with you, utter nonsense.

  11. Anisha Avatar

    Such a boring storyline, its going nowhere. We keep watching the same nonsense over and over. What’s wrong with the script writer.Please put an end to this stupid story.

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