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Bepannah Pyaar Pragati game changing move stuns Kunti

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Bepannah Pyaar Pragati game changing move stuns Kunti Sahas goes mad in anger. He wanted Pragati in his life. Raghbir wins Pragati’s heart again by getting her name tattooed. Sahas turns negative. He swears to kill Raghbir. He doesn’t want to play any more games. He wants a chance to get Raghbir away from her life. Kunti also wants Pragati and Raghbir away. Pragati is much happy with Raghbir, her love. They spend quality moments together. She gets threatened by a biker who leaves her hurt. She wants to know about the person threatening her. She doesn’t get aware that Sahas is behind this. She tries to heal her wound. Kunti plays a new game and tells Raghbir that Pragati tried to kill her.

Pragati gets questioned by Raghbir. Pragati is hurt that Raghbir is doubting her. She angrily calls off the accusations on her. She tells Raghbir that she won’t say anything, but just prove the truth to him. She plays the camera footage and shows them Kunti, who injures herself by hitting head on the wall. Raghbir gets a huge shock. Kunti gets speechless when her plan is known to everyone.

She can’t even deny the video clip. Pragati tells Raghbir that Kunti hates her, she has a problem so serious that she needs a treatment. She asks him to admit Kunti in the mental asylum, much to the latter’s shock. Pragati tells Raghbir that Kunti might get dangerous for herself. She changes the game and traps Kunti in her own wicked plan. What will Raghbir do now? Keep reading.

Shakti: Virat accuses Heer for the bouquets and cards. Soham asks him to stop dreaming with his open eyes and says my sister thinks of you as selfish and greedy. Virat says since she came in my life, problems are showering on me. Heer says I didn’t have the habit to send cards and bouquets to someone and interfere in their life. She refuses that she has sent them. Lecturer says we shall check Heer’s handwriting with the handwriting on the cards and checks the handwriting. He gets shocked. Virat signs Heer to look at the cards.

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