Kundali Bhagyaa Coming Preview Karan Preeta bonding

Kundali Bhagyaa Coming Preview Karan Preeta bonding

Kundali Bhagyaa Coming Preview Karan Preeta bonding Rishabh tells Sherlyn that he will never need her to get Preeta rescued. He asks her to leave his house. He gets angry on her. She is sure that he will stop her from leaving the house. Karan still can’t digest that Sherlyn calls Rishabh as baby. Sameer tells him that Sherlyn would never call Rishabh as baby. Karan tells that he heard her calling Rishabh as baby. Sameer teases Karan about Preeta. Rishabh tells them that Sherlyn refused to give the proof. He wants to go and assure Preeta that they are with her. Karan asks Rishabh to stay back. He goes to the police station to meet Preeta. Sherlyn calls for a family meeting. She asks Mahira to gather everyone.

Kareena thinks Sherlyn planned some surprise for Ramona. Sherlyn creates a huge drama when the family arrives. She cries and accuses Rishabh for breaking her heart. She tells Rakhi that Rishabh asked her to leave the house. She returns the jewellery to Dadi and Rakhi. She decides to leave the house. She does a drama to play with their emotions. Kareena can’t believe that Rishabh asked Sherlyn to leave. Sherlyn tells that she doesn’t want to get blamed for jewellery theft. She packs her bags to leave. Rakhi stops her from going. She wants to know the cause.

Sherlyn blames Rishabh and Karan’s misbehavior. She tells that both of them want her to leave Luthra house, just because of Preeta. Sameer wants to know about everyone’s absence. Rishabh tells Sameer that Sherlyn has reacted on a small thing, she has refused to show the video clip. He feels he has a right to check her phone. He doesn’t know that she has called for the family meeting. He feels he shouldn’t have shouted on Rishabh. He hopes Rakhi stops Sherlyn at home. Rishabh tells Sameer that if Sherlyn leaves, the family will be hurt. He tells that Karan dislikes Sherlyn a lot. He wants to balance all the relations and lie a bit to strike a chord.

Sameer likes his maturity. Rishabh wants to see the video once. Rakhi asks Sherlyn about the argument. Kritika asks Sherlyn why is she hurt. Sherlyn creates a riddle for them. Kareena asks her to be clear. Sherlyn tells them that she had the video of Preeta’s crime, she had given that to the police and got Preeta arrested again. Kritika takes Preeta’s side. Kareena gets angry on her. Sherlyn feels Rishabh doesn’t trust her and shouted on her. Rakhi tells that though they trust her, they trust Preeta as well. Sherlyn tells Rakhi that she has seen Preeta herself, she has the evidence. Rakhi gets worried knowing Preeta is arrested again.

She understands why Rishabh reprimanded Sherlyn. Preeta misses Karan and imagines him. She feels he will not come. Karan comes to meet her. She gets pleased to see him. He tells her that he worries for a lot. His heart melts for her seeing her behind bars. They have a moment. Sherlyn tells that Rishabh wanted to see the clip and refused to believe her. She dislikes the fact that Rishabh is comparing her with Preeta. She doesn’t want Preeta to become a cause of their fight. She tells that she doesn’t want to hurt Rishabh and Rakhi’s heart.

She wants to leave the house. She succeeds to gain sympathy from Kareena and Ramona. They don’t want Sherlyn to go anywhere. Rakhi assures to convince Rishabh. Kritika understands her fake tears drama. Luthra family ask Sherlyn to not get away from them. They try to convince Sherlyn and promise to explain Rishabh. Everyone gets against Rakhi, who still believes Preeta. Ramona asks Rakhi to take care of Mahira. Rakhi understands her concern. Preeta asks Karan the reason for his concern. Karan tells her that he was enjoying the party at home and still wanted to meet her once. They get emotional. He gives an assurance that he is with her. It means a lot for Preeta, who blindly loves him.

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Best Comment by Tushar:
Sherlyn should be thrown out of the house and Mahira she never deserves karan’s love. The show must bring a twist by exposing Sherlyn or Mahira or karan and Preeta should get married. The show is getting quite boring. But please expose Sherlyn.


  1. Sherlyn and Prithvi have been the vilians for quite a long time now. They should definitely be exposed now. Also Mahira should go to jail with charges of attempt to murder. Enough of innocent Preeta suffering all throughout.

  2. Surprise since last one year Shrlyn is pregnent… But there is no any news about her baby?… Kritika’ is also engaged and her fiance wanted early marriage … But he is also lost. ? … Now we r tired strory is stretching too much unnecessary.. we only want when Karan n preeta accept each other?

    • People should stop watching this serial. Just because people are willing to be fooled the producers and directors of the serial are doing the same. They are simply making money by fooling the audience.

  3. The Never-ending Coma man Rishab and Karan’s FATHER is continuously in Deep Coma with all the secrets of Kundali buried within him. They might have to bury him soon if he doesn’t get up from his Coma. Moreover Sherlyn’s pregnancy is the longest pregnancy in the World and needs to be entered in the Guiness Book of World Records. Very soon we will see Sherlyn delivering a fully grown 3 year old boy instead of a baby, as long as the duration of the Story goes

    • Ha ha ha. True. They are making same as they did with Tanu in Kumkum bhagya… Almost 2 3 years, she was pregnant. Here they will celebrate every festival so holi, ganesh chaturthi, diwali comes every year but pregnancy has different timeline.

  4. There have been so many incidents where it could have been proved that preeta is innocent. A simple thing what was Mahira doing on the same footpath where Preeta was. Why was she walking Although they are so rich. It feels that directors and producers of this daily soap think that viewers are completely dumb. Suddenly Sherlyn becomes pregnant and then for months nothing happens.

    Viewers should be dumb to continue watching this nonsense..

  5. Who so ever is writing this storyline needed to rethink if this is the right thing to do this lady manipulate every body into the show,and as to karan treating a good person like preeta that was very Disrespectful for a story line that goes to show how much man can disrespect women and it’s ok,


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