Kundali Karan Rishabh compelled to take THIS move

Kundali Karan Rishabh compelled to take THIS move

Kundali Karan Rishabh compelled to take THIS move Karan confesses to Preeta that he is with her always. He wants to bring her out of the situation. She asks him if he is with her in this bad situation only. He tells her that she knows his feelings and his meaning. He wants her to understand that he is with her and he means it. Mahira tells Sherlyn that Rishabh might not stop Sherlyn from leaving. Sherlyn tells Mahira that the family will stop her by believing her fake emotions. Mahira doesn’t want the party to spoil. Sherlyn asks Mahira to ask Ramona to not cut the cake until she comes back. She tells Mahira that she can’t give her phone to Rishabh, since she is lying.

Mahira asks her if she is tensed. Sherlyn tells him that anyone would know about the real video, in which Mahira is seen pushing Preeta in front of the truck. Mahira worriedly doubts Sherlyn. Sherlyn doesn’t want to delete the video and use it against Mahira when needed. Mahira doesn’t check her phone. Sherlyn asks Mahira to go inside and join the party. She assures to be back soon. Mahira doesn’t want Sherlyn to double cross her.

Moreover, Karan misses Preeta a lot. They both think of each other and are happy with the love feeling. Preeta wishes that he walks on the right path and never doubts on her again. She wants to end his misunderstandings.

Karan and Preeta look ahead for their union. Sherlyn comes to her mom’s place. She tells Sanjana that she has left the house, since Rishabh is always chanting Preeta’s name. She tells that Rishabh trusts Preeta a lot and compares them often. Sanjana asks her not to do this drama. She knows Rishabh well. She demands to know the truth. Sherlyn unveils her truth. She tells that she is troubling Preeta, Rishabh wants the proof to help Preeta, but she doesn’t want to provide it. She wants Rishabh and Luthras to come home to pick her.

She wants him to apologize to her. Rishabh asks Mahira for Sherlyn. Mahira tells him that Sherlyn left the house, since she is too hurt. Rishabh predicted this. He is summoned by Rakhi. He realizes that the family will want him to bring Sherlyn back. The family asks Rishabh about the fight with Sherlyn. Dadi asks him to bring Sherlyn back. She wants Karan to apologize to Sherlyn too. Rishabh tells that Karan isn’t at home. Kareena wants to know where did he go. Karan returns home and wants to talk to Rishabh. Mahira tells him about the family tension, since Sherlyn left the house. She tells that the family is scolding Rishabh. Rishabh tells the family that Karan went to meet his friend.

He admits his mistake that he wanted Sherlyn’s anger to calm down, but she still left. Karan doesn’t think Rishabh did any mistake. Rakhi gets angry on them. Rishabh doesn’t know how will the family react. Dadi tells them that she treats Sherlyn and Mahira as her family’s daughters. She scolds them for blaming Sherlyn. Karan denies it. Dadi asks Rishabh to apologize to Sherlyn and bring her back right away.

Elsewhere, Sarla, Janki and Shrishti meet Preeta. They give her the good news that the lawyer will fight their case and prove her innocence. Preeta doesn’t think that they will need a lawyer. She tells them that Karan came to meet her and promised to help her. Sarla gets happy. Shrishti tells them that Karan will find the solution to help Preeta. Preeta tells that Karan will get her a clean chit. Sarla blesses her.

Best Comment by Nisha:

Karan and Preeta needs to come together as husband and wife. It’s high time that Sherlyn is exposed and what about her pregnancy? After so many months too she still doesn’t have a baby bump. How come? Things are just dragging. It’s high time Mahesh comes out of coma. The storyline is just dragging. Please put a full stop to these twists which are getting boring now.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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  1. It’s high time that they should expose sherlyn …..please stop making it a boring serial……in kundali and kumkum bhagya they drag the same story……..
    Stop dragging it.

  2. Actually there’s no need of watching kumkum…even though it has completed years now ….still it is behind kundali ….i mean to say that ..the events taking place in kundali…also take place in kumkum but within a difference of months

  3. It is the same thing over and over.What about sherlyn she is pregnant for so long and belly is flat.Need to make movie more intresting cause people will get fed up watching one thing over and over

  4. Real life stories and stories shown in the shows like Kundali Bhagya or Kumkum bhagya is very diffrent.. They should ideally look for ideas that might impress the audience by giving examples of real situations that happens in day to day in everybody’s life.. Things that are shown are very impractical . They should now ideally Get mahesh on track in the show.. He should expose sherlyn n her deeds to family n cops.. Get preeta back.. Many a times the cops believe the things that are shown to them n act accordingly, Firstly, why the Video given to the cops is not cross verified with the Forensic dept.. Law system shown in the show is very diffrent than that is in reality.. So now pls ideally think abt all the possibilities of negatives n positives of the situation n then shoot. Try to be more practical .. There is a Marathi show called ” Aaga Bai Sasubai ” Its one of the best shows shown in Marathi . Zee Marathi.. The story has mix of all situations but they never pull the story too much or neither drama.. Simple sober people.. Its really awesome.. Please study something from that show n try making changes.. What abt Pragya meeting her sisters Preeta n Shristu with Mom Sarla.. Pragya can also help preeta.. Try mixing some few scenes of both shows as initally when the show was started, it was shown as connected . U guys have excellent star cast in both Shows kundali n kumkum.. but the story is actually horrible.. Script is too boring n dragging the situation too much.. Hope u get some quality scripts to write more for these actors.. When you pull the matter too much, its become boring n u start ignoring that.. So before public start ignoring the boring story.. pls change ur script.. Let karan get his wife preeta at home, plann honeymoon out of india, Reveal all crimes that sherlyn has done in front of family, Get new girl.for Rishabh.. a nice girl who can love him..

  5. Am seriously tired with wat z going on here
    Wat if karan change his hrt and decides nt to help preeta………wat oda plan z sherlyn
    Cooking up in her heart
    The producer needs to stop all dis tension
    Cos it is making d movie boring
    Very soon dey will loose all dier fan

  6. It’s right time for exposed sherlyn. And what happened with her baby the time was too long she was pregnant . But no any sign of pregnancy this is too much. The makers should add some new twist and turns. Then show will become amazing.

  7. The makers should thik about this what I said .It’s right time for exposed sherlyn. And what happened with her baby the time was too long she was pregnant . But no any sign of pregnancy this is too much. The makers should add some new twist and turns. Then show will become amazing.


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