Kulfi Kumarr Latest Upcoming Sikandar sharp plan begins

Kulfi Kumarr Latest Upcoming Sikandar sharp plan begins

Kulfi Kumarr Latest Upcoming Sikandar sharp plan begins Sikandar recovers from his illness all due to Kulfi and her team’s efforts. He doesn’t want Lovely to know that he got fine. He hides the truth that he has completely recovered. Kulfi and Amyra cry and ask Sikandar to get okay soon. Amyra repents on her mistakes. Chalu consoles Amyra. Chalu tells that Amyra isn’t at fault, since anyone would blindly believe her mother. She asks her to just join Kulfi now and make Sikandar fine. Amyra hugs Kulfi and feels sorry for her deeds. Kulfi gets surprised when someone knocks the door and leaves a note. She reads the note.

She is asked to meet in the music room and not tell anyone about it. Amyra also gets a similar note and goes to see. Chalu and team also get the note. The team gathers in the music room. Kulfi tells them that she got the same note. They think who has sent the note. They enter the music note. They find Sikandar there. Sikandar gets up from his wheelchair and tells that he has called them for a talk. Amyra and Kulfi hug Sikandar. He tells them that he recovered when he found Kulfi’s life in danger and reacted, but he didn’t want Lovely to know about it.

He wants to make a plan to defeat Lovely. Amyra tells him that she trusted Lovely, but she did wrong. She wants to win. She is sure that Sikandar and Kulfi will achieve victory. Sikandar tells them that Mohendar wasn’t helping them, since Lovely has captured Gunjan, she is threatening Mohendar about Gunjan’s life. He tells that they have to fool Lovely and defeat her in her own game. He doesn’t want Lovely to know his truth. Kulfi and Amyra agree to him. He is thankful to Chalu for supporting Kulfi. Later, Lovely asks Amyra to practice singing.

Cutie tells that she feels everything is at place. She likes the peace. Kulfi and team sing and play music. Amyra tells that she is developing a headache. Lovely asks Kulfi to just singing. Chalu argues with her. She tells that Kulfi won’t stop singing. Chalu engages Lovely in the argument. Sikandar takes Lovely’s phone and sends a message to break her evil team. Beauty gets Lovely’s message and learns that Lovely wants her to leave the house. She thinks Lovely is just using her. Cutie gets a message from Lovely. She learns that Lovely doesn’t want her home. Cutie gets angered. Cutie and Beauty get upset on Lovely.

Lovely finds their behavior weird. She feels everything has gone crazy. Sikandar wants to teach her a lesson. He has to save Gunjan first, so that he can expose Lovely’s truth. He tells the team that Jimmy is organizing a concert, they will get time to find Gunjan. He tells that once they get Gunjan, Kulfi and he will expose Lovely in front of the media. Jimmy also had a plan on mind.

Jimmy tells that once Lovely announced about his share in the company, he will kill Sikandar and get rid of him. He thinks his plan will succeed. He doesn’t know that Sikandar has recovered and can protect his life. Sikandar plans the huge shocker for Lovely. He begins the search for Gunjan. Will Sikandar succeed in his goal? Keep reading.

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  1. Yes sikander will succeed in his plans. He will expose Lovely and her crimes Jimmy will also fail
    He cannot kill Sikander sikander kulfi and Amyra will live happily together with Mohinder and Gunjan. Chalu and her team will also live with them

  2. Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala is proceeding towards a wonderful finale thanks to the far thinking capabilities of the Director to bring an end to Sikkander’s suffering and to reunite with Kulfi who has gone through many a trouble to be with her father.
    It is nice for Amyra to realise now that her mother; Loveleen has brainwashed her into thinking that it was Kulfi who brought about Sikkander’s condition of never to recover.
    With Chalu, Sittu, Mohinder and the two assistants to support Kulfi, it will be really good to see Sikkander victorious exposing Loveleen’s crimes at the concert along with the failure of Jimmy Guzdar’s evil intentions of cheating on Sikkander’s Recording Company and to kill him.


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