Kundali Bhagya NEW Stunning news Mahira disturbed

Kundali Bhagya NEW Stunning news Mahira disturbed

Kundali Bhagya NEW Stunning news leaves Mahira disturbed Preeta and Sarla are happy and expect Karan to help them. Sarla spends time with Preeta in the police station and feeds her homemade food. Karan bears the family’s anger. He tells them that Sherlyn did wrong to leave the house, he doesn’t care if she doesn’t come back. Rakhi and Kareena scold him. Karan tells them that they don’t know Sherlyn’s truth. Karan tells that Preeta isn’t wrong and Rakhi was supporting her before. Mahira tells that Rakhi is just concerned for her.

Rakhi and Kareena ask Karan to respect Sherlyn, who is Rishabh’s wife. Ramona tells that she won’t cut the cake unless Sherlyn returns. Sameer tells that the guests are getting restless and want to leave. Karan asks Ramona not to cut the cake if she wants. Dadi asks Rakhi and Kareena to get Sherlyn back, since the guests will ask about her. Mahira thinks Sherlyn was so right about her. Sarla feels at peace to see Preeta’s real happiness. She is confused about Karan. She doesn’t know what he thinks. She tells that Karan is willing to help Preeta. She wants to be sure of his intentions. Shrishti asks Sarla not to worry.

They want to ask Karan or his brothers. Shrishti calls up Sameer to know about Karan’s decision. She asks him if Karan is going to come to help Preeta. She tells him that Karan didn’t help Preeta when she got arrested, if he cares for her or not.

He tells her that Karan doesn’t express his feelings easily. She tells Sarla about Sameer’s assurance. Sameer talks to Sarla. He tells her that Karan is trying hard to save Preeta. He tells that Karan got scolded by the family, but he didn’t change his mind. Sarla is glad with the new hope. Shrishti tells him that Preeta is happy after meeting Karan. Ramona questions Sameer about his call.

Shrishti asks him to lie to her. Sameer lies that he is talking to a fortune teller. Shrishti wishes Ramona on her birthday and fools her. Shrishti tells her that Mahira’s problems will end if she gets Karan married to his wife. Ramona gets frustrated after talking to her. Shrishti tells Sameer that she felt glad to trouble Ramona. She lies to Sarla that she is talking to a pandit. Sarla wants to talk as well. Sameer hangs up the call. Elsewhere, Sanjana is worried that Sherlyn left the house. She wants Luthras to come and pick Sherlyn. Sherlyn tells her that none knows about Rishabh and her relationship truth.

She tells that Rishabh and she don’t share any intimate bond. Rishabh tells Karan that Sherlyn deserves some respect since she is Luthra bahu. He wants Karan to fulfill his responsibility. Rishabh tells Karan that they shouldn’t answer the elders. Sameer tells them that Shrishti called to know about Karan’s word. Sanjana thinks Luthras won’t come to pick Sherlyn.

She feels Sherlyn took a big risk. Rakhi and Kareena come home to meet Sanjana and Sherlyn. They want Sherlyn to come with them. Sherlyn does an emotional drama on knowing that they have come. Sanjana asks them about Sherlyn’s problem. She tells that she trusts Rishabh a lot.

She doesn’t want Rishabh to compare Sherlyn with Preeta. Kareena apologizes to her. Rakhi tells that she has come to take Sherlyn home. Sherlyn wants to give the best performance as an ideal bahu. Karan tells that he will help Preeta, he cares for her. Rishabh is glad that the incident is bringing Karan and Preeta together. Karan knows Preeta’s worth and acknowledges her feelings. Rishabh laughs that Karan will never accept his love. Mahira is stunned on hearing their talk. She can’t believe that Karan was acting in front of her. It gets too unexpected for her. Mahira turns angered knowing Karan is helping Preeta secretly.

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Best comment by Ravindra:

Real life stories and stories shown in the shows like Kundali Bhagya or Kumkum bhagya is very diffrent. They should ideally look for ideas that might impress the audience by giving examples of real situations that happens in day to day in everybody’s life. Things that are shown are very impractical. They should now ideally Get Mahesh on track in the show. He should expose sherlyn and her deeds to family and cops. Get preeta back.


    • I am no longer interested in both kumkum bhagya and kundali bhagya,I was very excited watching both soapies here SA and since their both no longer aired I feel it’s a blessing indigust. I have been reading online about both soapies and they seem to be stuck in one dilemma nothing has happened and nothing will happen because there is no story line . Abhi and Pragya have met and it doesn’t seem like they both want to know about each twin that they have raised separately and Karan married Preeta by cheating her,he still can’t express his feelings for her nor does Preeta it’s like we living in dejavu moments . I truly don’t think I will ever watch these soapie even if they were to come back on sa television it’s really annoying

  1. Uffffffffffffffff………..it has become so disgusting to watch…kundali bhagya has become smthing else…..such pointless incidents taking place one after another…d real hero n heroine are no more appealing now.


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