Shakti College party shocker Choti Sardarni upcoming

Shakti Preeto biggest shocker Heer kinner identity out

Shakti College party shocker Choti Sardarni upcoming Virat and Heer’s story begins. Virat hates kinners and expresses it. His mum doesn’t let Kinners enter the house. Virat isn’t happy on his birthday. He wishes his dad was along. He doesn’t want to attend the party. Heer wants to make his birthday party special. Virat graces the party. Heer sends the a gift for him to surprise. Virat hates kinners and expresses it. His mum doesn’t let Kinners enter the house. Later, Heer and Virat meet in the college party. Heer dances and lights up the dance floor. Virat becomes the DJ for the day. Heer enjoys the party for the first time. She wants to live fully. Rohan and Soham spend time with their friends.

Heer disappears from the party. She wants to meet Virat. Heer returns in the party after some time. Rohan and Soham find her torn clothes. They ask her about the incident. She tells him that she isn’t any helpless girl, she was attacked by some goons but fought them to protect herself. They feel proud of him. Virat is impressed by her. He goes to help Heer. Rohan and Soham get protective and keep Virat away.

Choti Sardarni:

Meher advises Sarabjeet to focus on maintaining the quality to run the hospital well. He is impressed by her. He asks her to set up the hospital. Harleen knows he is busy in his work. She gives him suggestions to get the tender passed. He tells that he is busy in elections, she can work for the hospital. Harleen doesn’t like Meher taking the big responsibility. Sarabjeet is just dividing his work. He finds her smart and thinks she can handle the hospital work well. Harleen gets against Meher.

She thinks Meher and Kulwant are taking advantage of Sarabjeet’s goodness and simplicity. Sarabjeet turns down Kulwant’s request for a deal. He wants to get the tender first. Meher supports Sarabjeet in his decisions. He takes care of her well. Meher gets falling for Sarabjeet’s goodness.

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