Kundali Upcoming Preeta threatened Sherlyn cunning trap

Kundali Upcoming Preeta threatened Sherlyn cunning trap

Kundali Upcoming Preeta threatened Sherlyn cunning trap Karan gets fed up seeing Sherlyn’s drama. He knows that she isn’t so good-hearted. He misses to see the hidden links in her drama. He wants to find out her motives. Sherlyn’s good Bahu drama fools Rishabh. Rishabh gets smiling seeing her saving Mahesh’s life. Sherlyn tells them that she attended Mahesh in their absence and knows well about his medication. Rishabh is much thankful to her. Sherlyn wants to share her success and planning with Preeta, so that she leaves the latter fuming. Sherlyn makes a new plan cunningly. She tells Mahira that she has bought the lawyer and the inspector as well. Now She tells that Sarla will think that her daughter will be freed from jail as Inspector suggested her to give money to lawyer, but that will not happen.

She tells that she has tricked Sarla into believing the inspector, who suggested the big lawyer’s name. She was sure that Sarla will easily believe the inspector and go to the same lawyer to hire for Preeta’s case. She tells that she has called the lawyer before Sarla reached his office, she has bribed him well and explained the case. Mahira gets happy to know Sherlyn’s plans. Sherlyn tells that lawyer will be fighting the case from Sarla’s side, but he will lose it to get Preeta punished, since she (Sherlyn) has ordered him to do this.

She waits to see shocked faces of Sarla and Preeta. Mahira knows that Sarla’s hopes will shatter. Sherlyn goes to meet Preeta and warns her that she will be convicted. Preeta believes that Sarla and Karan won’t let anything happen to her. Sherlyn informs about the court hearing due tomorrow and panics Preeta. She further adds, you are going from small jail to big jail tomorrow, as the crime will be proved and you will be sent to jail forever. Preeta looks shocked.

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Best Comment by Reviewer:

I know bad thing sometimes happens to good people, but not always. Why is Preeta always at the receiving ends. Now the producer will show us that Karan suddenly realised his feelings for Preeta, too lame. There should challenges Karan should face too in order to gain Preeta’s love, like another handsome prince ready to sweep Preeta off her feet and Karan now have to fight for her.



  1. Are thak gae kundli bhagya ke drama se ab to mahesh ko coma se bahar lao or shurlin mahira dono ko expose karo ya show bandh karo we r rired to show the running track .????????

  2. Yrr this is becoming more and more boring and irritating. The same story why don’t you bring any other twist and turns and if you don’t have any good stories then please end this show now i find kundali bhagya is the worst show

  3. It’s good to see a blank wall rather to see this stupid show. It’s going worst. They have no story to show. It must be banned. Things are moving round and round with same story. Kundali bhagya and kum kum bhagya are moving on same track with same stories and incidents. Its disgusting.

  4. Director aur producer ko to sharm hai hi nahi ek preeta ke pichhe sab pada hua hai.
    aata nahi to serial banate Kyo hai
    Lagta hai sherlyn hi director aur prithvi producer hai.
    Pata nhi sherlyn ko kab expose hogi.aur uska baby to ajooba hi ho gaya hai lagta hai 9 months ke jagah 18 months mein Bahar aaega

  5. Its disgusting to watch this show….such a stupidity is shown everyday….and we r the biggest fools who r being continuously fooled by d director n producer…..plz expose d villans in d show or air it off…

  6. The Director of this series must be a villain that’s why both series are the same Overhere Preeta and overthere Ranbir. Same to same in both series the villain are always winning. Lack of imagination. How can the evil wins over the good. Please stop fool people.

  7. this show actually be banned because they don’t have anymore stories which is why just dragging this story like forever. I know what’s gonna happen Again Sherilyn will succeed in her plan and preeta will again be bechari as usual, since we all know the next episode so producers should not show this episode rather this entire serial because this will be just roaming around preeta as bechari always and Sherilyn as master mind who always succeed in her plan and everyone will believe on her blindly ????????????just stop this nonsense enough is enough,???? I’ll stop watching this serial and must say kumkum bhagya is far better.

  8. Mai to bore ho gaya hu ye sereal dekh ke har bar preeta pe hi ilzam ata hay Maheshji coma me thode itne din zinda rahe sakta hay pagal bana raha hay band karo.


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