Zara Kabeer Ishq SubhanAllah Shahbaz destruction begins

Zara Kabeer Ishq SubhanAllah Shahbaz destruction begins

Zara Kabeer Ishq SubhanAllah Shahbaz destruction begins Kabeer gets much respected by Zara’s dad Qazi Irfan, who wants Kabeer to walk on the path shown by their Lord. Shahbaz plans to trouble Zara’s dad by blaming Zara for the huge theft in Shariah board. Kabeer is compelled to take action against his dad. Shahbaz wants Zara’s dad to get kicked out from Shariah board. Irfan doesn’t expect anything else from Shahbaz. Shahbaz tells that he wants to prove Zara as a thief and ruin her image. Kabeer can’t tolerate anything against Zara. Irfan is much hurt that Shahbaz wants to ruin Zara’s image by declaring her alive and a run away criminal. He tells that Shahbaz will remove him from the post.

He wants Kabeer to become the Qazi so that he can challenge Shahbaz. He doesn’t think that Imran can challenge Shahbaz sternly. He wants someone like Kabeer to fight Shahbaz’s evil. Kabeer meets Shahbaz to challenge and scare him. He doesn’t want Shahbaz to threaten Irfan. Ruksar gets reprimanded by Kabeer for her cheap romance. Kabeer just loves his wife. He meets Zara and tells that he wants to find a way to deal with Shahbaz. Zara wants to help him.

She makes a brilliant plan to ruin Shahbaz. She doesn’t want Kabeer to become a murderer. Kabeer realizes her plan is right. He agrees to her. He wants to make Shahbaz realize his crimes, which can only happen when he loses all his richness. Ruksar puts Zara and kids in trouble. Kabeer manages to save them from the dangerous dog. Kabeer tries to find the culprit. Ruksar wants to openly face Kabeer. Kabeer learns Ruksar’s crime by seeing the video footage against her. What will Kabeer do next? Keep reading.

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