Kulfi Kumar Lovely chapter closure Jimmy to kill Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Lovely chapter closure Jimmy to kill Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Lovely chapter closure Jimmy to kill Sikandar Kulfi and Sikandar get smarter in their planning. Chalu tells them that the evidence will itself appear in front of Lovely. She shows the drug injection. Lovely wonders how did they get the drugs. Chalu tells that Lovely’s crime will be soon exposed. Cutie and Beauty pack their bags. They want to leave the house and not support Lovely. Kulfi tells Sikandar about Lovely taking the masked avatar to scare her and threaten her life. She tells that Lovely would have succeeded in killing her. Sikandar gets worried knowing Lovely attempted to kill Kulfi. He thinks Lovely can go to any extent.

She describes the attack. Sikandar goes with her. Cutie and Beauty show the messages to Lovely. Lovely swears on Amyra. She tells them that she didn’t send the messages. She tells that maybe Chalu has done it to break their team. She takes them to Chalu. They want to lecture Chalu for her smartness. Someone keeps the mask and rod to remind Lovely her crime. She shouts on seeing the masked mannequin. She tells Chalu that she is already insane, they can’t scare her with such useless plans. Jimmy comes to meet her. He happens to see helpless Sikandar. He laughs on him.

He tells Lovely that he has organized a concert. He wants her to declare that they are partners in the music company. She agrees to him. He plans to get Sikandar killed and also kick out Lovely. He wants the company for himself. He hides his evil planning.

Mohendar asks Lovely to take the halwa for Gunjan. He tells her that he accepts his defeat, he won’t do anything against her. He misses Gunjan on their anniversary. Lovely asks Cutie to take the halwa box to Gunjan. Chalu has hidden a tracker in the double base box to find Gunjan’s location. Lovely checks the box but doesn’t see the tracker. Sikandar is sure to find Gunjan. He tells that once they get Gunjan, they will expose Lovely’s truth. Amyra asks Sikandar if Lovely can never become a good human being.

He tells her that he can’t tell about Lovely, but he is proud of Amyra, who has the courage to rectify the wrong. He wants his daughters to walk on the right path. He hugs Kulfi and Amyra. They get emotional. Lovely’s chapter will soon have a closure, along with Jimmy. Later, Kulfi and Amyra learn about Jimmy’s evil plan. They overhear Jimmy’s conversation. Jimmy wants to see Sikandar dying. They want to rush and save Sikandar’s life. Jimmy’s goons catch Kulfi and Amyra. The goons kidnap them to keep them away from Sikandar.

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  1. Please do not off Air or end up the Serial Kulfi kumar bajewala. Ek alag sa jaise rishta bann gaya hai kulfi aur saare casted people se. 1st episode se aaj tak 491 episodes tak nonstop dekh rahi hoon. Bohot he jyada bura lag raha hai jaanke ki ye khatam hone wala hai. Please Production house do something and keep it going this way.. ?


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