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Kundali Lockdown twists Karan Preeta static battle

Kundali Spoiler Snip Today Vidya Colors Upcoming Karan is happy in love with Preeta. He has promised to marry Mahira. Even then, he gets dreaming to romance Preeta, still not accepting that she is his wife. Sarla doesn’t think Karan will help Preeta. She tells the family that Karan has given hope to Preeta. She knows that Preeta believes Karan a lot, she hopes he will rescue her from the jail. She is much hurt that Preeta’s belief may shatter and break her heart. She expects the worse.

She tells Shrishti that they have to do something, since Karan may break their trust and hope in the last moment. She doesn’t want Preeta to suffer. She thinks Karan may change his decision in the court. Mahira plans to cheat Karan. She tells Sherlyn that she will not save Preeta in the court and mislead Karan by fake promises. Mahira tells Sherlyn that Karan will think that she is doing as he said in the court, but she will do what she wanted to and he will not understand.

Sherlyn is shocked and asks what? Mahira says if she doesn’t understand then think and understand. She decides to give statement against Preeta in such a way that Karan doesn’t understand that she told it deliberately. She plans to marry Karan after sending Preeta to jail.

Nanku is playing with the village’s belief and devotion. He is troubling Vidya in a new way. The people find a Shivling in the school premises. Nanku had sent his men to leave the Shivling there at night. He proves to the people that his dream turned true, Shivling is found in the school and they must take a Shiv temple there. He proposes that they build a temple on the school land. He wants the school to get demolished. The people agree to him with the big temple idea.

Vidya opposes them. She tells them that they can take portion of the school land and build a temple, since a school is also a temple of education and knowledge for the students. She wants the people to support her in saving the school. Nanku brainwashes the people so much that they get against Vidya. The people start celebrating the arrival of Shiv in their village. Nanku challenges Vidya to fail him in his move, which is nearly impossible since people’s blind faith is involved. Vidya gets a big support when Vivek reaches there just in time. Vivek stops the men from demolishing the school. Nanku enjoys seeing their plight.

Shubh Aarambh:
Rani encourages Raja to be on his feet. Raja has become a marketing manager. Rani prepares food for him to take a tiffin to the office. Kirti disturbs her and creates a problem. Rani doesn’t answer her and gets busy in her work. She tells Raja that he has to take up his responsibility. She doesn’t tell him the personal issues in her Sasural.

She wants him to realize the problems on his own. Raja gets manipulated by his family. Someone adds sleeping medicine in his food to make him sleep during work. His family treats him like an outsider and servant, when he is the righteous heir of all the property. Rani gets confused when she finds the behavior of the family changing. She wants to keep Raja away from the family matters. She wishes to protect Raja from the conspiracies. Raja and Rani start getting closer again.

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  1. I have stopped watching this show simply due to stupidity of the director and producer who don’t want to expose sherlyn and prithvi and add more to it they have brought Mahira as well as one more enemy of preeta Arora.
    It’s my request to all viewers to stop watching this show and leave every show to be watched only by the makers and not by audience.
    They will never bring the truth in front never expose the culprits .
    Such a stupid director and producer shame on them

  2. I don’t how come this show at number 1 from lost 2 years the story is same….fake trp s god knows is people’s taste bad or creative team are over smart

  3. Totally agree. How a culprit can be so powerful that after so many conspiracies she can not be trapped. A pregnant lady after such a long time has not even a inch baby bump. Stop this nonsense. Stop to spread negativity to the extent that no one can tolerate. The leading character make a lovely couple and the writer producer only think that how can they spoil their love life. That’s the only aim of the serial. So me too think that we should leave to watch this show until and unless preeta n karan are not together with a happy love life


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