Kumkum Bhagya Beyhadh Stunning spoilers snips

Kumkum Bhagya Beyhadh Stunning spoilers snips

Kumkum Bhagya Beyhadh Stunning spoilers snips Prachi explains Ranbir about her amazing plan which goes over his mind initially. He doesn’t understand her smartly. She tells him that Maya’s fake molestation charges will be proved when Saloni charges him for the same crime again. She asks him to get her point, that he can’t be molesting two girls at the same time and same place. He understands her sharp plan. She boasts of her bravery to have beaten the goons. He hides the fact that he had beaten the goons that night to boost her confidence. She tells him that she won’t beat him, since he is her friend. He is much happy. Ranbir appears happy to Abhi.

Abhi wants to know the reason for his sudden joy, when he was so depressed after Prachi’s statement. Ranbir doesn’t tell him anything, since he has to catch the culprit, but he feels bad to hide things from his Chief/Abhi. Abhi guesses that Ranbir was with Rhea and maybe she is the reason for his happiness. He wants the children to be happy together. Aaliya gets panicking when Abhi gets close to spot Rhea with the cash, which is meant to be given to Maya for execution of their plan. Aaliya doesn’t want Abhi to suspect Rhea or her.

Maya gets inside Mrityunjay’s house and family with a motive to kill him. She wants to completely ruin MJ. She hates his family as well. Except Rudra, everyone is aware of Mrityunjay’s past with Maya, whose real name is Manvi Singh. Maya gets emotionally down when she faces him. Her courage goes away on meeting his eyes. She still gives him a tough fight. She asks him to tell their past truth to Rudra if he can dare.

He gets helpless to stay quiet. Maya recalls her past journey with MJ. She was much in love with him, after joining his office as a junior writer. She recalls the times when she fell for Mrityunjay and then witnessed his inhumane side. The past slowly opens up.

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