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YRKKH Spoilers Kumkum Upcoming Snips Today Naira and Kartik bring Trisha home. Lav and Kush try hard to stop the happening. Trisha cries seeing them. Naira asks her to tell her what she wants to convey. Trisha cries a lot and signs towards Lav and Kush. Trisha is in trauma. Naira wants to take care of Trisha like an elder sister. Lav and Kush don’t want their truth to come out. They had threatened Trisha before. They feel threatened by Trisha now. Lav and Kush have an argument because of Trisha. Naira is trying hard to find out the culprits. Lav and Kush get saved from Naira’s suspicion. Naira will get justice for Trisha.

Everyone is shaken up seeing Trisha’s state. Goenkas want to support her, but Dadi thinks otherwise. Kartik tells that Trisha is like his sister, he will not leave her unattended at the hospital, where she was attacked by the culprits. Dadi convinces Manish as well. Dadi tells them that society won’t be taking the matter well and defame Goenkas. Manish feels Trisha can recover well in the hospital. He asks Kartik to take Trisha back to the hospital’s safe environment. Kartik explains that Trisha needs Naira’s care.

Kartik tells them that hospital security isn’t running well, when there is carelessness there, they shall take care of Trisha at home. Trisha’s coming creates a rift in the family. Kartik and Naira think she will be safe at home. They don’t know that Trisha’s culprits are also at home. Lav wants to try again and meet Trisha to request her to forgive them.

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Kumkum Bhagya:
Rhea goes to meet Maya and give her money so that they can bribe Saloni. Prachi finds Rhea’s shoes at the door. She calls Ranbir and informs that Maya has a visitor home and she can guess that the person is rich. She thinks Maya and the secret enemy are going to pay money to Saloni. She asks Ranbir to stay on the call and see the enemy’s face himself. She wants him to collect evidence by clicking a snap. She meets Maya and tells that she has come to spend the day with her. Maya gets worried and hides Rhea away. Rhea makes a blunder. She fears to get caught by Prachi.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara are shocked to know that Irfan has resigned from his post in the Shariah board. They didn’t wish Irfan to take this step. Irfan wants Kabeer to fight the battle with Shahbaz. Shahbaz taunts Kabeer and reveals the big news that he is heading the Shariah board along with Momin board now. He feels more powerful. Kabeer and Zara want to snatch Shahbaz’s powers.

Best Comment on YRKKH post by HARISHKUMAR P NAIR:
Yes it is very boring since it doesn’t make supporting wrong guys like lav who always think in wrong way to hide their wrong work he do by spoiling little ones of their own family. Even his mother tries to hide her son’s mistake even they are wrong. Girl molestation is very serious incident and justice should be served to the victim who has gone through trauma. Serial track should end in a happy way not in bad way.

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