Starplus Kulfi Kumar Lovely Dead Happy ending Finale

Starplus Kulfi Kumar Lovely Dead Happy ending Finale

Starplus Kulfi Kumar Lovely Dead Happy ending Finale Lovely vents out anger on Sikandar. She accepts her crimes in front of everyone. She accuses Kulfi for being the reason for her hatred. She tells that Sikandar wanted to divorce her because of Kulfi’s coming. She just wanted him to love Amyra. Sikandar asks her not to justify her actions. He tells that she has turned evil, being a mother, she tried to kill a kid. He tells that she should have become Kulfi’s mother and gave her love, since Kulfi forgave her for Nimrat’s accident. He tells that it was easy for Lovely to accept Kulfi. He feels Chalu is better than Lovely, since Chalu loves Kulfi a lot.

He asks Lovely to decide if she shall end up being an evil. He wanted her to be a good person, but she failed. He doesn’t think Lovely will change ever. He tells that she has become a criminal, Amyra isn’t standing by her, after knowing the difference between right and wrong. He tells that he loved both his girls equally. He counts Lovely’s mistakes, a long list. He makes her ashamed of her crimes. He tells that she filled the poison of insecurity, ill feelings, and hatred in Amyra. He didn’t wish Lovely to make his daughters away from him.

He tells that he can fight her from the start, but she can’t separate Kulfi from her. He doesn’t want Lovely to snatching his company, his legacy. He wants Amyra and Kulfi to take his legacy ahead. Jimmy catches Amyra at gun point. Sikandar and Lovely get a huge shock. Jimmy reprimands Lovely for controlling her daughter. Sikandar begs him to leave Amyra. Jimmy tells that he will kill Sikandar. Kulfi cries for Amyra. Lovely asks Jimmy to spare her daughter. Amyra tells Lovely that she loved her the most, but she ruined their lives. She doesn’t want to love Lovely. She feels she is getting punished for her mom’s crimes. Kulfi wants to save Amyra.

Chalu stops Kulfi from falling in danger. Kulfi manages to save Amyra from the threat. Sikandar and Sittu bash up Jimmy, who soon picks up the gun to terrorize Sikandar. Kulfi wants to save her father. Jimmy threatens them. Lovely does the unthinkable after seeing Kulfi putting her life in danger. She protects Sikandar and Kulfi by coming on the front. Lovely gets shot by Jimmy, unexpectedly. The family goes in shock and worry for evil Lovely, who takes a big move after a reformation. Lovely finds everyone crying for her. She repents for her crimes. She makes a hearty apology to Kulfi. She feels she has done much injustice with Kulfi.

She apologizes to Sikandar for her hatred. She advises Amyra to always trust selfless Kulfi. She wants them to be together. She gives Amyra’s responsibility to Kulfi. She wishes to get a daughter like Kulfi in her next birth. She tells pleasant things, much unexpected from her and melts everyone’s hearts. Sikandar too forgives her in her final moment. She couldn’t bear Amyra’s annoyance. She apologizes to her daughter in her last breath. Lovely passes away. Sikandar and his family feel bad since she was a changed person in her final time.

Kulfi and Amyra shed tears for Lovely. The family resumes a normal living soon. Chalu and her aides become part of Sikandar’s family. Chalu looks after Kulfi and Amyra. She expresses her happiness. Sikandar sings a lovely song with his daughters. Sikandar is too happy to live his life with his daughters and mentor them forever. Kulfi feels a dream come true. Kulfi tells Amyra that Lovely has also turned into a star, and now both Lovely and Nimrat are together in the sky.

Starplus Kulfi Kumar Lovely Dead Happy ending Finale

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 5/5
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Best Comment by Hafeela Akbar:

This episode of Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala was a big relief to see Gunjan being found and released by Chalu and her friends and brought to the concert venue. The wrongdoers should be punished for their evil deeds to show to the world that nothing goes unnoticed. May God bless you all and your families.



  1. They would have made happy ending like lovely,sikhander,kulfi and amyra living happily together. We want season2 with all these4 same cast luv u all,miss u all

  2. No way…lovely can never change…too evil..why should she be glorified…no please don’t make second show…end it here but why did it end with Lovely dying…she never got punished for all she made Young child go through..people like her never change.why Sikinder forgave her after what she did to your own blood daughter..So what have we leant NOTHING..evil and crime PAYS.Lovely should have been sent to prison at least people would have learnt something instead got off lightly by dying..sorry but crap ending.

  3. Lovely is evil she can’t change but kulfi Avery good girl and she had aforgiving heart too,i pray amraya never ends up like lovely

  4. At the last moment she redeemed herself by saving kulfi’s life that’s why sikander her. Forgave her amyra can never be like lovely. death is the only penalty for her. . it was nice to see sikander kulfi and Amayra together living happily

  5. The grand finale of Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala was simply beautiful. Although there was a fear that Kulfi will be shot and injured, there could not have been a better end than this.
    For any sensible person, Loveleen’s passing away was sad but to repent for her sins even at this stage and asking for forgiveness was the best due to the fact that this tele series was watched by families with children.
    The two daughters Kulfi and Amyra being showered with equal amounts of love by their father; Sikkander, is a good message to parents nowadays for the healthy upbringing of their children with equal rights for all siblings in a family.
    With two years of their life dedicated to this story, Kulfi and Amyra, in their real life will grow up to be fine children and be a good example for children around their age.
    Chalu’s turning over to a new leaf with her assistants doing their best to make others happy is remarkable. It is a good lesson for people to be better people.
    The Director along with the production team, the main actors and actresses (adult & child) and the supporting ones all did their parts very well.
    God’s blessings were there all along as He was always remembered with devotion in times of difficulties.
    Environmentally, beautiful places were selected for all episodes and the music and songs were of the highest standards.
    What was humanely possible was achieved in this story and I recommend awards for the best in India and may be a world award for Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala.
    We are going to miss little Kulfi, Amyra and everyone else in the coming days but we love you all for making us happy and we pray for God’s blessings to you all and your families.

  6. We will be missing you all.
    Thank you producing party, cast members, directors,story writers and everyone who worked to make the show! It was very entertaining and it showed very good examples of how parents should be, how the elders in a society should be and how a family should be (siblings,parents and their relationship)….
    The story of Kulfi really moved our heart at times making us laugh till our stomachs heart and at times making us cry so bitterly that our tears would not stop! I’m glad that I watched this show, I can confidently say that I’ll miss and remember it for a long time.
    Thank you once again! May God bless you all!

  7. Happy ending is great but season two should come where kulfi n Amyra grow together to their youth n become good example to all the young ladies.Father n daughters lovely bondage should continue …Chalu n sikandar should tie the not n lead a very happy married life


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