Kundali Shocking Sherlyn slapped Expose threaten

Kundali Shocking Sherlyn slapped Expose threaten

Kundali Shocking Sherlyn slapped Expose threaten Sharma blackmails Sherlyn and tells her that he can make money by losing the case if she pays him, else he can win and make his good reputation. He asks her to decide what she wants. She is ready to pay him. He tells her that he will save Preeta and prove her wrong in the court if she doesn’t give him money. She acts good to calm him. She promises to pay him money and fixes the deal. Shrishti happens to see Sherlyn with Sharma. She wants to rush to court and tell Sarla about Sharma. Karan and Luthras meet Aroras at the court. Karan assures to Sarla that everything will be fine. Rishabh and Karan support Preeta. Ramoni introduces her lawyer Rakesh.

Dadi wants Karan and Rishabh to be with them. Preeta is brought to the court. Karan feels sad seeing her. Sarla tells her that the case will be dismissed and they will be going to the court. Rakhi too wants to meet Preeta. She is emotional and loves Preeta. Rakesh tells them that Rakhi shouldn’t support Preeta in the court. Dadi tells that Rakhi is very good at heart and loves everyone, but she will control everyone. Rakhi tells Preeta that everything will be fine. She gives an assurance to her. She wants to keep her promise to Preeta.

Sherlyn asks Dadi to stop Rakhi if she really means so. Sarla waits for her lawyer. Sharma meets them and asks them not to worry, they are going to win the case. Sherlyn is also on the way. Shrishti reaches there in time. She tells Sarla that Sharma is cheating them, Sherlyn was shaking hands with Sharma. She wants to slap Sharma and scold him. Sarla and Janki believe Shrishti. They slap Sharma in anger and scold him for selling his profession for money. He warns them against breaking limits. They rebuke him for insulting the laws for money.

Sharma tells them that he won’t fight their case, no one will fight for Preeta’s freedom. Karan asks them what is the matter. Shrishti tells them that Preeta’s lawyer Sharma is a cheater. He tells that he can help. He hires some lawyer for fighting the case. The lawyer agrees since Karan is a celebrity. Karan assures Sarla that they have won the case already, Mahira is going to give statement in favor of Preeta, they will surely win. He tells that he will keep his promise to Preeta and get a clean chit for her. Sarla believes him again and turns emotional with gratitude. Preeta awaits her family. Kareena asks Rakesh to get Preeta punished.

Preeta meets her family. Shrishti sees someone in the court. She realizes that he is the truck driver, who had committed the accident. She rushes to tell Preeta about him. She gives the good news, that Karan convinced Mahira to give statement in her favor. She tells about the truck driver. Preeta tells that maybe he is here for the case. Inspector doesn’t want anyone to talk to Preeta. Janki wants to slap Sherlyn. Sarla asks her to keep calm. Janki lies to Sherlyn and sends her out. Karan is worried that Mahira didn’t come by now. He tells his family that Mahira is going to give statement in favor of Preeta. Ramona doesn’t want her to do this.

Karan goes to call Mahira. Sherlyn gets calls from Sharma. Janki confronts Sherlyn to teach her a lesson. She tells Sherlyn that she wanted to slap her, and called her out. She slaps Sherlyn in anger. Sherlyn calls her mad. Janki insults Sherlyn. Shrishti stops Sherlyn from slapping Janki. Shrishti knows Sherlyn is really cheap. She wants Sherlyn to remember that she can never harm Aroras. She threatens to reveal about her pregnancy. Janki wants to bring Sherlyn’s truth out.

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Best Comment by Rahma:

Everyday I wake up hoping for a change in kundali bhagya but the same thing is happening again and again. I feel new characters should be added to the show some on both sides sherlyn and preeta. We all know that good people get hurt but not always. Preeta should be able to stand for herself this time it is too much.



  1. I do agree with Rahma. Everyday I expect something new will happen. Sherlyn getting got and How many years will it take for Sherlyn to show her baby bump? Please bring some change

    • Ekta thank god does not write our luck we would loose our faith in God only the evel wins and the good looses. Sherlin is taking longer than a elephant to deliver the baby no stmoch is seen has ekta gone mad

  2. Ekta kapoor show says all doctors lawyers police are courrept ppl. No body is honest for few money thy are sold. Thn any terrorists can win our country na if all are corrupt
    Truth always face negative in ur show.wht exactly u r passing message to ppl by ur drams

  3. If and when Sherlyn gives birth, it will be a big huge full grown Child of 3 years, which normally by now should have died inside her womb. Mahesh’s coma is also getting too long and boring. Prithivi it seems, has run away from the serial, not able to bear the torture and stupid story

  4. The director should give Pretta more leverage She should be defend herself.Too much tears for Pretta.Sherlyn keeps ruling too long.

  5. Everyday I watch the serial for hoping some change bt the same track is going on.. V want to see karan and preeta together once again.. Always the evil wins and good one lose..


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