Beyhadh Love woes Mrityunjay Maya past unveils

Beyhadh Love woes Mrityunjay Maya past unveils

Beyhadh Love woes Mrityunjay Maya past unveils Maya recalls her life in flashbacks. She was afraid that Mrityunjay is after her and may take advantage of her innocence, just like her mother alerted her. The flashback reveals their love story. Maya clears to Mrityunjay that she isn’t interested in having any affair with him, since she has come to just work, she looks up to him as a mentor. She gets worried for her dad’s life. Mrityunjay takes her to her family. He pays for her dad’s treatment. Maya’s mum advises her to stay away from Mrityanjay. She suspects his intentions. Maya doesn’t want Mrityunjay’s help. He tells her that he is just helping her as she is his employee.

He asks her not to dream big. He clears her doubts. She apologizes to him. Mrityunjay forgives her. She felt Mrityunjay’s intentions aren’t bad. He has won her trust and also started winning her heart. Mrityunjay fools her by a fake suicide attempts. She wants to know the reason for his numerous attempts. She asks him if she believes in love. He lies to her about Anjana’s infidelity. He weeps that he got cheated in love and marriage. He connects to Maya by chanting sobbing stories all the while to win her sympathy. He tells that he feels lonely, since he has a right to stay happy. He doesn’t want to die. He seeks her help.

Maya feels sorry to kill Rishi the same way as per Mrityunjay’s drama. She still regrets to have killed Rishi. On the other hand, Mrityunjay asks Rudra how can he marry anyone, without knowing the girl’s background. He calls her Manvi. Rudra tells that he knows Maya and her family, she lives with her mother, after losing her dad and brother. Mrityunjay realizes that Maya has trapped Rudra well. Maya recalls her bonding getting better with her boss Mrityunjay. She was just sharing his sorrow over his wife’s cheat. She didn’t know he is planning everything to trap her in love. He became her friend first and then tried to charm her.

The flashback just gives her pain. He tells her that he is going to divorce his wife just because of her encouraging support. He tells that he will make sure that none speaks ill about his wife, Antara, since its his responsibility to protect her dignity. Maya started falling in love with Mrityunjay. He completely charms her and drags her into an affair. He confesses love for her. He surprises her by publishing her book. She feels their affair is wrong. He promises to marry her. He gives her dreams of a happy family. Maya goes crazy to accept his proposal.

Back in present, she regrets her madness for Mrityunjay. Mrityunjay meets her to threaten her against playing with Rudra’s life. She doesn’t want her to return in his life. He threatens to kill her.

Patiala Babes: Neil is affectionate towards Mini. His presence affects her. He wants Mini to be happy. He lends his support. He starts feeling for Mini. Mini too likes his loving gestures. She is heartbroken that she isn’t able to reform Arya. She feels she has failed to change Arya, she failed to raise Arya like a mother would do. She decides to go back to Australia. She is much broken down. She wants to go away from Arya’s life. Neil learns her decision. He wants to stop her.

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