Kumkum Bhagya Prachi insulted Raabta Malhar surprised

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi insulted Raabta Malhar surprised

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi insulted Raabta Malhar surprised Kalyani prays to Devi Saraswati and asks her to give her special idea to reply to Malhar’s love confession to her. She prays to get some unique idea. Malhar hears her and makes 20 Rs fall on Kalyani. Kalyani asks Devi Saraswati what she wants to sign by giving her 20 Rs note. Malhar thinks one kiss (Ekkiss in hindi) and smiles thinking Kalyani understands it. Kalyani says I understand your sign. Later, Kalyani plans a romantic surprise for Malhar to confess love to him.

Malhar waits for a kiss. Kalyani leaves from there and plans special reply to him. She runs out of the house happily. Anupriya and Atharv reach the temple and see Rachit blackmailing Swara. Anupriya tries to save Swara and shoots at Rachit. Kalyani gets shocked. Malhar reaches there as well.

Kumkum Bhagya: Aaliya tells Vikram and Pallavi that they shall not trust Prachi anymore. She says we can’t figure out when she lies and when she says truth. She says it is possible that she came here for a conspiracy. She brainwashes Ranbir’s parents against Prachi. Ranbir knows Prachi’s truth well and defends her, just like Abhi does.

Abhi too knows that Prachi never lies and never does wrong. Abhi shouts at Aaliya to stop her. He asks Aaliya what was the need to say all that. He tells that even if there is no proof, he can trust Prachi. Aaliya insults Prachi. Prachi gets hurt and goes out. Ranbir follows her. Abhi takes a stand for Prachi and asks Aaliya why she said that. He tells that he can give guarantee that Prachi is with Ranbir and will not leave him. Prachi tries to show the video, but finds out that it is deleted. Abhi declares that he trusts Prachi. He says video is not found, but Prachi is not wrong. Rhea and Aaliya get upset.

Best Comment by Adz:
We just want Rhea to get caught already. This is totally rubbish.

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  1. When will Abhi reunite with and enjoy his wife Pragya? These two are the essence of Kumkum Bhagya. This show is becoming too boring for Abhigya’s fans. Aliya is poison, and anyone who associates with her will be smeared with her poison. Rhea is a lost cause already.

  2. Frankly it is disappointing .. What is going to happen now !!! Otherwise it is self-defense for Anupriya because rachit assaults kaliyani .. So it is to defend it .. Is it a very elaborate trap of Sampada and Rachit .. He will be just injured and to avoid prison in Anupriya are they going to blackmail her to allow Sampada to marry Malhar? …. As usual you started one intrigue without finishing the other .. We can’t find a solution for pillu and see we start the intrigue concerning Anupriya .. With her husband who is a lawyer .. I hope that ‘they will find a solution because with all that rachit and Sampada have made as a crime .. No judge should condemn Anupriya for defending kaliyani .. because the crimes that we do Sampada and rachit are more enormous than in this promotion than Anupriya who does self defense .. I hope the CVs will take this into account .. We must still give logic to the fiction while respecting reality .. Humble request to the CVs. Never kalma and anusar to be happy .. Never .. That’s why so much romance between the two couples because barely a little happiness that there is very long time for separation .. In short

  3. After for kkb .. It’s confusing how rhea and aliya can get out so easily .. We must stop showing that the negative .. This series inculcates that things to the young generation .. Tomorrow his young will be able to lie cheat kill revenge because in the end no punishment is given to them .. Rhea thinks and believes that her name and her father’s position leaves her free and with Aliya who shows her the bad example .. This jump of 20 has reached 1 years old .. And nothing is done .. It turns around .. Anyway .. So disappointing


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