Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Dad Ki Dulhan Spoilers

Dad Ki Dulhan Dreamy romance surprises for Guneet

Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Dad Ki Dulhan Spoilers Virat and Heer are coming closer. Their romance will be seen. Virat is grounded at home. Heer learns that he is at home and meets him secretly. Virat gets worried to see her climbing the pole and getting inside the balcony. He doesn’t want anyone to see her. Dadu finds them together. He is glad to see a girl entering Virat’s heart. He wants Virat to know his feelings.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer and Zara are much worried to see their failure in getting justice for old Zara. Their hopes break when Irfan has lost his power as the Qazi. Shahbaz has defeated them. Kabeer learns that Shahbaz had threatened Irfan about killing his family. Kabeer wants Imran to take the position of Chief Qazi. He asks Imran to get nominated. He is hopeful that Imran will win.

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Choti Sardarni:

Sarabjeet performs dance in Meher’s baby shower. He wants to give her much happiness. Sarabfeet dances with a chunri and enjoys. Sarabjeet decorates the cradle with flowers. Param hides some sorrowful thoughts. He is hiding his pain. He is hurt that Meher wanted to go to her Maayka. He has decided to decorate the cradle beautifully and surprise her, so that she changes her mind to leave.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:
Guneet and Amber meet and get into an argument again. They have a never ending fight. The lights go off. Guneet gets the candle to help him. She blames him for blowing off the fuse. Nia is troubled seeing their long fight. Guneet wanted to meet his online friend. He doesn’t know that Guneet is his friend. Amber hasn’t decided that he wants to be with his friend.

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