Kumkum Tonight Cute Romance Prachi love advice Ranbir

Kumkum Tonight Cute Romance Prachi love advice Ranbir

Kumkum Tonight Cute Romance Prachi love advice Ranbir Ranbir wishes Prachi to understand his feelings without the need of expressing him. He misses her and recalls their golden moments. Prachi is happy to think of her friend Ranbir. Rhea comes to her college and gets much attention by the guys, who run to give her roses on the valentines day. She rejects all the roses. She just loves Ranbir. She tells her friends that she finds just Ranbir handsome. She doesn’t think there is anyone like him. Abhi asks Vikram to focus on his business. Vikram tells him that he can see profit in the business. Abhi doesn’t want him to neglect the hotel business. Vikram tells that he came in the music industry by liking Abhi’s songs.

Abhi tells that he joined hands just for profits again. Abhi asks the staff hiding something. He realizes that its rose day. Abhi tells Vikram that valentines is around. He misses Pragya. He asks Vikram to go home and spend time with Pallavi. Vikram asks can’t Abhi see him happy, away from his wife. Abhi advises him to gift something expensive to Pallavi. Vikram likes his experience and asks about Pragya. Abhi tells that Pragya just wanted his love, not any expensive gift. Vikram wants to see such true love. Ranbir thinks if he should buy flowers for Prachi. Aryan asks him to buy roses and propose Prachi.

Also, Ranbir tells that Prachi doesn’t know his love feelings. He doesn’t want it to get weird. Aryan asks him to get courage and just propose her. Ranbir wants to do something grand and unique, than following the regular valentines. Shahana is glad to see the couples. Prachi tells that she is upset because of Sarita’s behavior. Shahana tells her that Sarita is modern and supports lovers, but she wants the lovers to confess. She tells that love becomes a sin if lovers hide it. She tells that they all like Ranbir, if Prachi likes Ranbir, then she can tell the family. Prachi asks Shahana not to become a matchmaker.

Shahana tells that she likes Ranbir a lot, if Prachi isn’t interested in him, then she will propose him. Prachi tells that she is just a friend for Ranbir. Shahana is sure that girls will propose Ranbir. Prachi tells that she won’t propose anyone. Shahana asks her to be romantic. Prachi tells that she will say yes to the guy who gets many roses for her. Ranbir hears her dreamy talk. Shahana tells that she will accept a guy’s proposal if he takes her on a long drive. Aryan thinks Ranbir is planning to get roses for Prachi. Ranbir tells that he won’t propose Prachi.

He lies to Aryan and goes to buy flowers. Ranbir visits the flower stall and learns about the flowers signifying different things. He buys all the flowers to tell Prachi that he likes her a lot and wants to be her friend. He also wants to tell that he loves her. A girl gives roses to Ranbir. He apologizes and tells that he is committed now. Aryan tells Shahana that he has a secret to share. He tells her that Ranbir has bought roses for Prachi. Shahana gets happy to get this news and hugs him out of excitement. Aryan apologizes for the hug. She tells that she doesn’t have any flu that he is apologetic. They have a cute argument.

She tells him that she has no one in her life. He laughs that even he has no one in his life. She tells that they will give roses to each other to cover up their single status. Ranbir calls up Prachi to meet her. They meet in the library. He pulls her leg knowing she is reading romantic books. Rhea’s friend finds Ranbir with the flowers and thinks he is going to propose Rhea. She informs Rhea that Ranbir is coming to propose her. Ranbir meets Prachi and gets crazy in his talks. He asks her to buy the romantic books which will make her a romantic person.

She finds him really crazy. He irritates her by his confusing talks. He thinks which colour to choose. He decides to explain what he means to convey. She finds a couple romancing in the library. She finds it disgusting. She tells him that a couple should know each other first and then get into a relationship. He stops himself from gifting her roses. He likes her idea that a couple must know each other first. He helps her. Rhea finds them together and turns jealous.

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Best Comment by Abhigya fan:

The same crap are being dished out on both serials (KKB and KB). Abhi is being deprived of the love his dear wife Pragya, Karan is turn between two women. Is this how the fans of these serials going to celebrate their valentine? The writers have lost it completely.

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  1. Agree with the fan above. Why does Lovers have to suffer in all the serials. Love is not meant to be painful, but have a deep roots and be meaningful in each lovers lives. But you find out that the writers are copying each other and make love meaningless. The writer’s can make their story unique by writing a different story line. The way they portrayed suffering in love will make it impossible to believe in love. WRITE something different and unique.

  2. It is simply absurd and idiotic the way Abhi and Pragya keep missing their meeting each other every time after living together in the same place. This is sheer exaggeration by this Serials makers—–the story writers and directors to drag the story and Bore the Viewers till they are forced to spit on it and stop seeing it totally

  3. Getting to boring stop watching it until pragya n abhi meet again y isn’t Rhea getting caught with all her lies too boring now to watch


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