Kahaan Hum Starplus Worst rating shocks Unexpected roll

Kahaan Hum Starplus Worst rating shocks Unexpected roll

Kahaan Hum Starplus Worst rating shocks Unexpected roll off Sonakshi challenges Rohit that she will become more successful than him and show down Sippys. It seemed like she will be reaching the peak of her success and teach a lesson to Nishi. It all falls flat because of a shocking change in the story. Sonakshi’s life moves ahead, but in an unexpected terrible way. When she was back on the sets to work hard and bag big projects, its now shown that she is thrown out of her show Kahani Parvati Ki for the least expected reason. Netra removes her from the show due to the rumors about Rohit and Sonakshi’s separation. This twist seems unacceptable.

Sonakshi gets punished after the media hypes about her separation. She fails to concentrate on her career. Her dreams shatter when super hit role Parvati is given to someone else. Sonakshi is shockingly seen fighting the financial mess in her life. Netra celebrates her show’s success with her team, the new cast who has replaced Sonakshi and Sumit in the show. Netra has no regrets to kick out Sonakshi from the show, when the show was losing TRPs because of Sonakshi’s headlines every day. Netra’s character is also seen different, since she turns hopelessly disgusting. The media congratulate Netra for the success.

Netra introduces the new Parvati and Kunal. Netra doesn’t even miss Sonakshi. She is happy that defamed Sonakshi is away from her sets. The media asks her about Sonakshi Rastogi. Netra doesn’t have any idea. She tells that Sonakshi is divorced now and she had to replace her. Sonakshi is seen meeting Suman in the police station. Suman is jailed after taking huge loans. Suman has invested Sonakshi’s savings and also took loans for the housing project. She regrets that the builder has cheated them and took away all the money.

Suman is disappointed with her life. Sonakshi assures to help her. Suman gives her a reality check. Sonakshi knows hat she neither has any work nor any money to help her mother. She still has her talent and courage. She tells that she will do anything to bail out Suman. Suman knows that the lawyers are demanding much fees for her bail. Sonakshi seems too helpless, unlike her confident character seen in the last episode. Sonakshi meets the lawyer and pleads him to bail out Suman. The lawyer demands the fees. He speaks practically and asks her to deposit his fees first. He asks her to hire anyone else.

Sonakshi is confident that she will arrange money. He asks her to take help from Sippys. Sonakshi is ready to die but not take any help from Sippys. Elsewhere, Pari is worried that her baby bump is showing up. Pari wears loose clothes and covers up the baby bump. Sonakshi meets Pari and reveals about the lawyer’s demand. Pari advises her to take help from Pulkit, Netra or Sumit. Sonakshi doesn’t want to disturb Pulkit during his higher studies. She calls Netra for help, but gets a shocking rude reply. Netra ends their friendly terms after firing Sonakshi from work. She doesn’t want to help Sonakshi. Sonakshi gives auditions for cameo roles.

She isn’t any famous actress as of now. She accepts a small role to get money. She meets the producer and tries to take an advance to bail out Suman. The producer gets miffed that she is asking for a big advance right on the first day of work. He decides to not sign her. Sonakshi loses hope. She recalls the times she had been successful. On the other hand, Nishi is seen controlling the Sippy family and hospital. She is happy to rule over everyone. A patient’s parents meet Nishi and request her to get their son operated by Rohit. Rohit comes home at the same time and overhears their conversation. He learns that the patient is Sonakshi’s fan.

Rohit learns that Sonakshi had promised them about the surgery long time back. He wants to keep Sonakshi’s word and makes arrangements for the surgery at a private clinic. Rohit still believes in humanity and good work. He thanks nurse Tulsi for assisting him by taking an off from Sippy hospital. He saves the patient’s life and expresses his pain to the patient’s parents. He is much guilty that he couldn’t keep his wife happy and protected from his own family. He feels he is a weak person, a loser in life, who couldn’t keep his word. He regards himself a bad person, since he has wronged Sonakshi’s life. The patient’s parents know about his separation. They bless Rohit and Sonakshi, that their problems end soon.

Veena forgives Naren for his cheat and looks after his health. Naren is seen recovering. He is out of coma and tolerates Nishi’s filth in the family. He isn’t able to talk and tell Nishi’s truth. He deeply regrets that Nishi has ruined Rohit and Sonakshi’s lives by accusing and separating them. Helpless Naren, fragile-minded Veena and then over-pampering husband Rohan is seen with hopeful Tanya. Nishi controls all of them by her sweet words. She also plans Akash and Deepa’s marriage to bring happiness back in the family. She has attained the Sippys property and power, which she always wanted. She cares nothing for Rohit. Veena and Sukhmani pity Rohit, who isn’t like before now.

Later, Pari meets her gynaecologist. She plans to hide her pregnancy until she succeeds in blackmailing Rohan. Sonakshi is sure that she will work hard and get her career on track. She gets pressurized by the financial needs. The producer’s PA tells her that he knows her problems and may help. He advises her to perform in a party to get the required amount. Sonakshi is helpless to agree since she has to bail out Suman. Rohit gets invited by his friend. He looks ahead to meet his friends so that he stays away from his family. He finds Pari at the hospital, but doesn’t learn about her pregnancy.

Rohit gets a shocker of his life when he finds Sonakshi dancing in the mens’ party for the sake of money. It proves that he didn’t track her life to protect her from sorrow, as he decided before. He wanted to ruin himself, but make Sonakshi prosper. Rohit wasn’t aware of Sonakshi’s defamation, tough times and helplessness. Maybe his alcohol addiction sank him completely. Rohit and Sonakshi face each other in the old moment. What will Rohit do next? Keep reading.


The episode disappoints by the sudden change in track. Sonakshi’s miserable state can be reasoned out to show a low phase in an actress’ life. She could still make wise choices in her life. It makes you think, what, when and why…. Character changes are worse. The charm of Ronakshi seems lost somewhere. Not expected to see an instant opposite twist after Sonakshi’s bold avatar in the last episode. From bold to helpless damsel in distress, one can guess what’s wrong with the writers…. Only good thing is Sonakshi’s house-help Munya, who didn’t leave non-paying poor Rastogis in their tough times like everyone else!

Preeta Kundali Karan Mahira witness the verdict

Best comment by Vineeta:
Pari, instead of ruining Rohan and Tanya’s life, she can join hands with Ajith to solve this mess. Writers, request you not to show us the same’ revenge, hatred and leap track’ that others serials show us.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 0/5
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  1. This is seriously getting crazy and intolerable. I am sorry to say but looks like writer has gone insane. They have literally destructed the show. In race of to TRP they are even losing viewer ship. Not sure if they still have an option to control the damage.

  2. Extremely disgusting….What a funny an app can stop rohit not take the rigjt decision and leave the culprit …..what a crap..i thought this is a sensible show …wasted my 30mins

    Not gonna watch this again for sure

  3. Earlier i hoped this serial will soon be good but i was wrong. Just defaming serial industry and actresses. Many actress work after divorce and profession n personal life should not be mixed. So you plz write good and motivating scripts

    • Yes they are showing as if divorce is end of a successful career..what about Jennifer Winget who came back more successful than before?

  4. What a downfall in the storyline!!! Seriously in today’s high tech world you want us to believe that an app can control a pacemaker???? Disgusting thought process by the writers. Also what happened to the proofs with the police and what’s this sudden twist of Sonakshi in this state. Really a waste of prime time space. The writers need to be replaced ASAP else the serial will die out soon. Can’t believe that brand #Ronakshi could not be used for a better story.

  5. Oh lord, if this is going to be the next move then am not going to watch it any further…sad to see such a good show going down the drain….a brave couple who fought all odds suddenly turned helpless….an app for pace maker makes a doc so helpless….and after a bold avtaar Sonakshi will be helpless….and all friends will ditch her….that’s sad…… extremely disappointed with the upcoming track and writer has surely gone in sane……… please stop this nonsense and do some justice to a good story don’t destroy it……0 rating for sure

  6. Extremely stupid….if they show sonakshi’s downfall like this the viewer ratings are going to fall completely….i hope they change the script

  7. I have stopped watching this serial which I was Fan.All the writers of all different channels have same story to tell??
    Bandh kardo if literally u have nothing good.

  8. Please stop the serial if u don’t have further to write anything…. Seriously very weak story line can a app control pace maker what a PITY………….

  9. Unexpected twist in the serial and it was tremendously horrible all blames on sonakshi. This is ridiculous we our whole group didn’t like the kha hum kha tum. As of we are not watching we will also not planned to watch at all this is very uninterested.

  10. Please dont these kind of messiness in the drama we watch drama for an entertainment not for getting stress.Plus pls dont spoil the of docs and actresses relation ships.I thing there is nothing left more than any thing in this drama .Kindly change the story or stop this show

  11. this serial is getting a severe downfall..i really dnt wish that this serial goes off air because of some stupid story writers as Karan is a fabulous actor and dipika too…i love them…like seriously man show sone romance between Ronakshi..lead a normal life please..what is all this rubbish..anything is plotted and how can a stupid app control Naren’s life…And now inspite of behaving rude with Sona he should have said her why he did it..outside the house in absence of Nishi..and they should together plan her destruction..what a rubbish sequence is going on..please dnt make us hate the serial..we ain’t fools. show some realistic stuffs please

  12. really totally dissappointed?? with the new story track… viewers want to watch a realistic story rather than a dramatic tv serial… there are bunch of those crying serials?? … its good to add some spice for TRP but this is not acceptable… totally upset with the story??… writers please boost up your story wrting technique for keeping your audience on their seats??

  13. KHKT is my fvrt whatever it be.. I know the writers want to create something new like not all time committing makes lead rich all in sudden.. Still i have some good hope for this show.. Really true big fan of Ronakashi …

  14. In showing of downfall of sonakshi they should change d story like she is doing reality shows like BB , all unemployed actors do d same thing , they worked in movies for short scenes and reality shows and web series also …. please koi to jaake story writer ko samjao Varna mujh se likh wa lo aage ki story ….☹

  15. This episode was disappointing…..we really want ronakshi together and please stop showing revenge and hatred kind of scenes…..we need some good and romantic scenes of ronakshi and we have already scene this hatred and irritating track in other serials so plssss make this track interesting….

  16. How can netra change now??? This show would be so typical I didn’t even imagine…when it was aired we thought it would be different..but now …and netra was so supportive even when sonakshi was involved in scandal..now what happened..disgusting..everyday iam reading review to see if all rohit and sonakshi separation was drama…to ruin nishi but no like all other stupid hindi serials they have to bring such boring tracks

  17. Wasted the talents of such beautiful actors ..it’s horrible …”yeh hai mohabattein taught us better family values …an app in the phone ..bulkshit and Rohit got scared ..couldn’t get snatch the phone n delete the app…and such a weak portrayal of love …Nishi was a strong and loving character character ..how suddenly she became a villian and Veena sippy was such a sensible character ..how she became heartless …stopped watching yeh hai chahatein…sanjivani because of it’s nonsense ..now feel to stop watching this also I guess ..it was suppose to be a love story …wonder what happened….

  18. Disgusted
    Can’t believe such a strong woman losing her bearings and everything just because of a divorce. Women emerge stronger after such a situation. Why are they promoting such regressive ideas and again filling public’s s mind with saas bahu atrocities. Those times are gone. I am still curious to know how an app can control someone’s life. Is the writer from medical background?serial is totally messed up. Not worth viewing.

  19. Already Sonakshi has gone through the bad times as she didnt proved her self….now atleast make her reach why the writers are bringing down the TRP of KHKT show which was a big hit……with this disgusting why cant you all show that if a woman think to do something that she can….pls dnt go with all this bullshit drama…..else like kahani parvati ki bcoz of writer’s KHKT show will also get down….pls stop it so soon…..take one more leap nd make her it will be good nd rohan should get punished that coward person played wth two ladies think something different

  20. The story has turned so vile. The beginning was so different. Thought would be able to see some good things. But no more. It is turning into a blood thirsty revenge vendetta.

  21. For your TRPs sake at least, don’t make us watch Rohit draining down the spirits for 15 minutes ( makes it seem like a decade)…. Such a waste of time! Build it strongly rather.. You’ve have such an amazing actress playing the vamp.. And so are the main actors.. Show stronger wars.. If at all the need be..


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