Shakti Alert Colors Prime Sardarni Vidya Upcoming

Shakti Alert Colors Prime Sardarni Vidya Upcoming

Shakti Alert Colors Prime Sardarni Vidya Upcoming Vidya reveals the truth of Vivek’s planning to counter Nanku’s fraud. She apologizes to everyone, but hides Vivek’s involvement. She takes the blame on herself. She gets criticized by one and all for the fraud. Vivek can’t see Vidya getting blamed like this. He accepts his mistake. He tells the people that he had hired the artist just to get another chance for saving the school. Vivek bears the criticism for his mistake to play with people’s devotion. He wants to prove that even Nanku is doing the same.

Choti Sardarni:

Sarabjeet feels he got habitual to Meher. He is upset that she is going to her Maayka. She tells him that she will also Param and him. They share good moments. Meher is arrested for the fraud in the hospital. Harleen and Kulwant get into an argument. Harleen criticizes Meher and her family. She feels Meher is wrong. She insults Kulwant. She thinks Sarabjeet has done wrong to marry Meher. She tells the family that Meher is creating enough problems for them, she is a stain on their family, she is not any blessing, but a curse that ruined the family’s pride. Kulwant turns raging by hearing the insulting remarks.

Harleen doesn’t want Sarabjeet to keep terms with Meher. Sarabjeet trusts Meher. Kulwant counters Harleen’s taunts. She exposes Harleen’s misdeed. She blames Harleen for framing Meher into wrong blames. Meher is troubled by the police and media. Sarabjeet works hard to save her.


Heer doesn’t want her brothers to know about her craze for Virat. Preeto and Harak fill a form and tick others section for Heer. Heer gets to see the form and gets a shock when she finds her gender marked as others. She confronts Preeto for filling the form wrong. She tells that she is a female. Harak knows the truth will come out in front of Heer soon that she is a kinner. Preeta worriedly covers up the matter.

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