Kundali Kumkum Bhagya Valentines Special Latest Promo

Kundali Kumkum Bhagya Valentines Special Latest Promo

Kundali Kumkum Bhagya Valentines Special Latest Promo Ranbir and Prachi’s odd romantic moment becomes a reason for chaos in her house. Sarita is already troubled by the blames on Ranbir. She doesn’t want Prachi to bring defamation for Pragya by breaking her trust. Ranbir clarifies that he was just saving Prachi from the fall. Sarita misunderstands them after seeing them close. She knows that Pragya finds love between them. Prachi Ranbir by defending him well. Ranbir is glad that Prachi understands him well. He cherishes the moment with Prachi.

Prachi saves him from Sarita’s anger by defending him. Later, he tells Prachi that he felt something when they were together in the rains. He gets close to confess love to Prachi, while she seems clueless. Ranbir decides to confess his love to Prachi on Valentines day. Ranbir and Prachi will be soon seen as a couple, when Prachi accepts his love.

Mahira feels proud to reveal her plans to Sherlyn. She tells that Karan is convinced by her real cry and screams. She hopes to get Preeta punished by the court. She doesn’t turn up in the court to keep her promise to Karan. Preeta gets helpless when the evidences go against her. The judge convicts her. Sarla and Shrishti are much shocked that Preeta is paying a huge price when she is innocent.

Sherlyn gets much happy that her enemy Preeta is finally landing in jail. She wants to congratulate herself and also inform Prithvi about her success. Karan keeps his promise to Preeta by saving her in the nick of time. Karan and Preeta will also be seen celebrating Valentines, as lovers for the first time, without any ego hassles. Their cute moments will be seen in abundance.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara tells Kabeer that Jalali is evil like Phiron. She tells that Jalali hates women, he if proud of his powers and makes any place hell. She fears that Jalali will bring a storm in their lives. Kabeer tells that he can’t believe it, but he can believe her fear. She wants to get away from Jalali. He promises to protect her. He doesn’t want her to run away. She tells him that there are many crime stories about Jalali. Kabeer asks her to think of their relation, she can’t go away like this. He shows his faith. She tells that she isn’t a coward, but she has seen her parents dying by Jalali’s hands. Kabeer gets alert about Jalali.

He takes Zara home. She fears to face Jalali. Kabeer delights her by a wonderful surprise. Kabeer is confused that Jalali has become a devil when he has attained much knowledge about their religion. He can’t believe that Jalali sacrifices people’s lives. Zara is afraid to get kidnapped. Her fears turn true when she is kidnapped, but on Kabeer’s saying.

Kabeer hires army’s ex-major Yadav to protect Zara. The man tells Kabeer that Zara was really kidnapped. Kabeer tells that he has sent those fake goons to test Yadav. He wants Zara to get secured at any test. He promises that he will not let Jalali harm her and the kids. He wants her to get after their goals again, they have to ruin Shahbaz. Kabeer challenges Jalali to test his truth. He tells that Imran will contest for the Qazi post and defeat Jalali. Jalali feels Kabeer is hurting his ego. He laughs on Kabeer’s kiddish challenge. He tells that none can win after competing with him. Kabeer provokes him to know his evil truth.

Best comment by Abhigya fan:

All these serials has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that TRUE LOVE is a taboo in India. And manipulated love and evil are promoted over good. KKB and KB are good proofs. We would very much hold on to these facts until it’s proven otherwise. What a huge disappointment, these lovely shows has become lately.

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