Karan Preeta Valentines Kundali Tonight Special twists

Karan Preeta Valentines Kundali Tonight Special twists

Karan Preeta Valentines Kundali Tonight Special twists Rishabh believes Karan and his intentions towards Preeta. He asks Karan not to punish himself and come home. Karan wants to be alone. He is much worried for Preeta. He wonders what will the court decide. Rishabh tells him that few things aren’t in their control, they can just keep hope. Shrishti reaches them to blast her anger on Karan. Rishabh takes a step to defend his brother, while she is panicking for her sister’s future. Karan tells that he will talk to Shrishti. He sends Rishabh home. Shrishti vents frustration on Karan, feeling he was just acting to show concern for Preeta. Preeta is taken to the police station.

The police van meets with an accident. She gets worried when the entire team gets injured and faint down. Just she stays safe and secured. She worried for them. She tries hard to take help for the policemen. She gets worried when no one stops to offer help. The people ask her to better run away if the policemen are injured. She begs them for help. The inspector saves himself first and leaves the team behind. Preeta asks him to take the other policemen along. He asks her to get others in some other vehicle. She sees Babbi in the truck. She catches him to know the culprit. Babbi doesn’t want to reveal anything. She wanted to know the culprit.

Preeta gets caring for the policemen. Constable knows inspector has left the team and went alone, while Preeta didn’t run and stayed back to help them. Constable frees Preeta from the handcuffs. Preeta tells that she tried to take the lift. Constable asks her to run away and follow the truck driver to get the truth out, and prove her innocence in the court. Preeta doesn’t want to run away and prove herself wrong. Constable asks her to get the evidence else she will get punished by the court. Preeta thanks the constable for giving the phone.

Shrishti reprimands Karan for cheating Preeta again. Karan requests her to trust him. She tells that he just makes promises and never fulfills, he is with Mahira in this planning. He tells her that he just wants to prove Preeta’s innocence. Preeta calls Shrishti, who is busy in arguing with Karan. Karan asks Shrishti to answer the call, which maybe important. He answers Shrishti’s phone. They get to speak to Preeta. Preeta tells her that she is on the way and has seen the truck driver, who may know the truth. Karan asks Shrishti to tell the truth to him. Shrishti tells that they had seen the truck driver in the court as well.

Karan wants to go there and help Preeta. He wants to find the truck driver. He leaves Shrishti and rushes to Preeta. Preeta doesn’t know if she should go after Babbi. She doesn’t have time to waste. She wants to prove her innocence for the sake of her family. She wants to win the battle. Karan reaches her on the bike and asks her to sit quickly so that they can catch Babbi. He tells that Shrishti had to come to scold him and he learnt about the driver’s involvement. She gets emotional and happily cries. She tells him about the constable who left her free after the police van accident. Karan wants her to hold him while he drives.

Preeta tells him about Babbi, but doesn’t say that she has seen him with Sherlyn. Karan’s bike runs out of fuel. Karan and Preeta get into a cute banter in a kiddish way. She tells that they will lose Babbi. She guesses that they can find Babbi at some nearby dhaba. He goes to get help from a car owner. The couple turns out to be Karan’s big fan. Karan borrows the car from his fan. He thanks them. The couple tells about Valentine’s day. Karan wants to make the day special for Preeta. He wishes them.

He buys some flowers for Preeta when the flower vendor tells his financial need. Karan gets the car and asks Preeta to get in. She gets surprised. He tells that he can do anything. She gets the flowers surprise. He shows the car filled with the Valentines’ gifts. She likes the cute surprise. They have a moment filled with love. Will they be able to find Babbi? Keep reading.

Best comment by Lyde:

Every witness and evidence in the show is either killed or destroyed by Sherlyn. Sherlyn pregnancy is not revealed. Mahesh is still in coma. Karan is so stupid that he can’t confess his love and does not believe Preeta. I hope the producer and the writer open up their eyes and stop fooling the public with these rubbish scripts wasting everyone time. When will this serial end.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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  1. Please either terminate the serial or show that good prevails over bad,we are fed up seeing evil enjoying and good in troubled waters, the serial has become worst then our useless politisions

  2. I think it’s high time no Sherlin’s pregnancy should be revealed .. moreover they should also come out of the stupidity shown in the series that people can’t make out who is culprit..people now days aren’t fool to see a years pregnancy which not even evident from the body structure of the lady..
    It’s high time to reveal all the truth otherwise people would stop watching their favorite series…

  3. I have stopped seeing kundi bhagya after it got repeatedly same even after almost six month
    The serial has not moved an inch. Hats off ti director producer to keep fooling public for such long time.

  4. When will sheryln ever pay for her evilness. She has done so much and never ever gets caught. Let us see her pay for her wrong doings.

  5. We are wasting our Mony. We are paying for Dstv but we the public are being taken for a ride.producers and the writers are not listening to the public.we are pàying for useless soapies. It’s time we stop supporting Dstv.

  6. Director producer and writer Aikta n Anil how long u make fooling peoples plz stop this nonsense audience r not waist products. All of u making fool them since the serial starts either through out the sherlin n maira or close n stop the such a shit drama ??????????????????????????????

  7. Yeah, it’s good to bring twist and turns into a movie/soaps, but it is sad when the director/producer are not following the rule of the game. Sherlyn pregnancy?? come on, not showing after several months. All I could see is, it makes the actors look stupid. They should be able to question the role they’re playing because their character and personality will come to question. Unless the producer hasn’t got a good storyline hence all the craps being shown.


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