Sherlyn exposed Kundali Bhagya Zee5 High octane drama

Sherlyn exposed Kundali Bhagya Zee5 High octane drama

Sherlyn exposed Kundali Bhagya Zee5 High octane drama lined Karan confesses his feelings to Preeta in an unusual way. He buys the entire flower shop for her. He tells her that he did this to help the shop owner with money. She wants him to admit that he did this to make her feel special. Karan has both the reasons valid. She asks him if he would gift the flowers to any girl, if he buys the flowers once again to help the shop owner. She tricks him to know the truth. He accepts that he would never do this for any other girl, she is indeed special and close to his heart. Karan and Preeta have a romantic moment and celebrate Valentines, by forgetting the tension for some time. She loves him for being loyal to her.

She doesn’t want him to marry Mahira. Karan and Preeta head to find Babbi, who is at the dhaba. Preeta then reveals that she has seen Babbi with Sherlyn. Karan already suspects Sherlyn to be the mastermind behind the entire conspiracy. He wants to help Preeta even more now. He loves Preeta a lot, even though he doesn’t accept this in front of the world. Elsewhere, Sherlyn and Mahira are happy in their own world, thinking Preeta has gone to the jail. They aren’t aware of Preeta meeting an accident and getting free, chasing Babbi, getting Karan’s support and celebrating valentines with him. They become foolish and celebrate Preeta’s punishment coming soon.

Sherlyn tells Mahira that Preeta is innocent and gets misled by them very soon. She tells how she has brainwashed Preeta and Sarla against Karan. Mahira is happy that Preeta is out of her way. Mahira hugs Sherlyn happy. Kritika happens to overhear their crime confession. She already knew that Preeta is innocent. She doesn’t want Preeta to get punished. She rushes to inform Rishabh and Karan about Sherlyn and Mahira’s evil conspiracy.

Best comment by Zeenath:

When will Sheryln ever pay for her evilness. She has done so much and never ever gets caught. Let us see her pay for her wrong doings.


Shiv and Ananya have a heated argument. Shiv doesn’t want to risk her life by continuing their relationship. He feels surrounded by troubles consequently. Ananya fails to convince him by her love. Amar gets mad for Ananya. He reveals his true face to her and kidnaps her to get married. He takes her to a secluded place and makes arrangements for their marriage. He compels Ananya to deck up like a bride and marry him. Ananya tries to escape from his clutches. Amar takes the big step to forcibly marry her. She hopes Shiv comes on time and save her.

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  1. Where did Pritivi disappear. Is it because he was waiting so long for Sherlyn to deliver his kid and no sign of it so he got bored and left the serial and ran away from it. It’s better you kill Mahesh because even if he gets up from his never ending long Coma he would have forgotten everything even his family. So no use whether he lives or dies as there is no use of him anymore

  2. Preetas’ mum was very moving her words to karan and the entire ruthras made every one cry, karan was so foolish at least he could have made sure sarla was alright before he and his family worked away, the boy has to appologise to preeta for leaving her behind in the middle of no where and at night any man worth his soul couldn’t do that only a goon and a bad one can do this. Has he no conscious? . I mean karan is no teenager even a teen would know when they love someone, but karan gets confused how? He has treated preeta so badly in the real world he can be jailed, but no Indian policeman and judges are corrupt, at least that’s what the writers portray, they also Promote female abuse mentally and physically. Also promote poligamy, man can marry more than one wife, but if a female runs away from abuse thru are hunted down like animals and killed, like the lady in manahayak they are killed or they treat them like outcasts, it’s sad series are to teach better ways of treating females or anybody else for that matter, writer should also help get rid of old traditions that has no place in today’s society. Writers should not promote fraud, back handers, coruption, rape,, rich people getti g away with murder etc. If writers can write please complain to stop bad traditions to be promoted I. Series,
    They are real people in India am sure living as outcasts, we are all created by the Almight God no one is better than the other. When you are rich you are expected to make other peoples lives better not a living hell, the writers don’t believe in God or they would let the people praying to God win because God is great and no power is above Him.
    So writers expose, shelyn, maira, pritvi and all the goons ful stop.

  3. Writers of Kundali Bhagya are portraying to the whole world that Indians are heartless, corrupt, evil and all those who are poor lead a suppressed life. Please do everybody a favour and end this show if you have no respect for your own country.

    • Best is don’t watch it and makers will either drop or make changes.audience watches and makers give them what they watch..POwer is in your hands and not makers if u stop watching and ratings fall and they will have to either stop or change as sponsors will force them

  4. I am tired watching one thing over and over again. It’s about high time somebody expose Sherlyn in the show. Maybe Rishab father need to wake up and tell everyone the truth.

  5. Bang on ash.its an amazing serial..u see an episode today and then come back after one year and u wouldn’t have missed anything…amazing story writing ability or not writing at all…but more than that audience likes n loves it so they deserve why blame makers they r churning what audience wants.they r in the business and will give what is demanded

    • You’re so dumb , and you’re only in support because you’re indian too , so your reaction to this series shows me that this is how you Indians really are , evil always winning , there’s always an enemy in the midst of families , only the good and kind suffer for things they didn’t even do , people stealing others’ wealth , killing people off like bugs , only the villains have good ears , eyes and think with their brains , and luck is ALWAYS on their side , women are treated when they are put in situations they have no control over (like been widows,divorcees,or even SINGLE ) everything is a crime and no one believes what the good people say without “proof” but the bad guys can say we live in planet mars and they won’t have to prove it because they are the ones who “tell the truth” , please USE YOUR BRAINS!!!

  6. Yaar ab tho bas karo. aur kithna kinchoge ek hi story..? Starting se hi Pruthvi aur Sherlin ka karnama samne nahi la rahe ho.. Upar se ab Mahira ko bhi lake aur keench rahe ho… Maza nahi araha hai. and plzz plzz pllzzz ab Mahesh ko firse bimar math karna..


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