Rocking 3 Kundali Kumkum Raabta Zee Upcoming

Rocking 3 Kundali Kumkum Raabta Zee Upcoming

Rocking 3 Kundali Kumkum Raabta Zee Upcoming Kalyani determines to send Anupriya out of the city. Malhar tells Kalyani that he will not let Anupriya get jailed and assures her that he will do all possible things to prove her innocent. He tells that he has decided to take Aahir to court and make him give statement that Rachit was helping the naxals, because of which it will be proved that Rachit is a terrorist. He says he will prove that Anupriya shot Rachit in self defence to save Swara from the acid attack. Kalyani thanks Malhar and hugs him. Meanwhile, Swara gets some message from an unknown person and gets worried and helpless. Atharv pacifies her.

Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya brings the bouquet home which she had found on the bench outside their Mehrauli house. Sarita asks her to say, who has given this? Pragya is sad and says he gave it. Sarita asks who, Prachi’s father. Pragya nods her head in agreement. Rhea thinks until Prachi accepts defeat, she will not let Ranbir get a clean chit. Abhi and Pragya are both sad as they couldn’t talk to each other.

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Kundali Bhagya: Karan tells Preeta that he gave money to the florist and bought all the flowers. Preeta asks if some other girl was on her place, then if he would have given her the flowers? Karan says I would have give her money and buy all the flowers from her, but wouldn’t have given to any other girl. Preeta smiles. Sherlyn and Mahira rejoice celebrating their victory. Sherlyn tells that they have won yet again although Preeta tried to defeat them. She says Preeta tries to reach her, but every time she fails badly. She says she has misguided her and will do it again. Mahira smiles and hugs her, calling for the celebration. Kareena’s daughter Kritika hears them and gets shocked.

Best comment on Kundali’s last post by Manzi:

Preetas’ mum was very moving her words to karan and the entire ruthras made every one cry, karan was so foolish at least he could have made sure sarla was alright before he and his family worked away, the boy has to apologise to preeta for leaving her behind in the middle of no where and at night any man worth his soul couldn’t do that only a goon and a bad one can do this. Has he no conscious?. I mean karan is no teenager even a teen would know when they love someone, but karan gets confused how?

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  1. They will bring Ahir and his mother to avoid prison in Anupriya .. But I think they will use this to their advantage to harm kalma .. The photos currently posted on insta by actress Reem leave me perplexed .. Still a marriage .. But with whom she marries .. We pass from one problem to others without finishing the current one. Pillu is still sick but that more .. The it is the disappearance of Rachit and the imprisonment from Anupriya .. Kaka who is a great lawyer who pleads for the truth asks his wife to escape .. What kind of vigilante is this? When a person is innocent we have to help him to prove his innocence .. Anyway .. Swara who is being blackmailed .. Shit your brother is a police officer. One more problem that you give him will be no less. Malhar can help you .. They don’t see that the problems are piling up .. They don’t see that all of this is a well orchestrated plan .. Anyway .. So annoying .. So tiring


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