Huge revelation Kundali amazing Preeran unity twists

Huge revelation Kundali amazing Preeran unity twists

Huge revelation Kundali amazing Preeran unity twists Sarla blames herself for being a bad mother and not protecting Preeta. She thinks she didn’t try hard, else Preeta would have got saved. Biji consoles her and encourages her to fight the storm. They wish Preeta comes back. Janki tells Sarla that a miracle will happen and Preeta will get saved. She asks Sarla to have faith. Sarla tells that she has lost all her faith. She wants Preeta back. She shatters thinking Preeta is all alone in the jail. She wants to share Preeta’s pain. Babbi catches Karan and Preeta. Karan asks him about the accident. Preeta wants to know who is behind the accident plotting.

Babbi tells them that none will come to find them, he will not leave them. He confesses that he was going to kill Preeta in the accident, but she got saved. Preeta and Karan get stunned knowing the truth. Karan asks him not to dare touch Preeta. Babbi threatens to kill her by stabbing her. Karan uses his stardom to get a goon on his side. Preeta asks him what is he doing. Karan tells her that the man is capable to become a star. He wants to get his help. Babbi asks his friend not to get into Karan’s words. Babbi ties up Karan and Preeta by the same rope. He asks his friend not to befriend Karan. He warns them.

Sameer and Shrishti want to know about Karan and Preeta. They find some people at the dhaba. They ask the people. They learn that Karan had come to the dhaba and run after Babbi. Shrishti tells Sameer that Babbi is the truck driver. She gets information that Karan is finding evidences and even Preeta is with him. She gets details about Babbis’s garage. Shrishti tells that Babbi is going to get an award. She tells Sameer that they should just go to the garage and save Karan and Preeta. Karan feels hungry. Preeta asks him to be practical and not get foolish. They get into long argument. He wants her to be happy since he is with her, he has come to save her.

She wants him to save her. She tells that the police will misunderstand her when she doesn’t reach the court tomorrow. They have a cute moment while he consoles her. She tells that she has got caught because of him. They fight and irritate Babbi. Babbi warns them against troubling. He threatens to kill them. He calls Sherlyn and informs her about Karan and Preeta’s kidnapping. Sherlyn can’t believe that Preeta is kidnapped, since she was in police custody. He sends her the picture and asks her to check the proof.

He tells her that she had paid him to do Preeta’s accident, but the plan failed. He asks her to pay him for killing Preeta. Sherlyn asks him to kill just Preeta, and not harm Karan. She asks him to send the picture of dead Preeta.

Babbi tells his friends that they will get double amount for killing the girl. Karan and Preeta get worried when the goons try to harm her. She threatens to kill Babbi, since she is going to get the same punishment even after killing them. She beats up the goons, and demands them to free Karan. Babbi takes her captive again, while Karan gets freed. Karan gets into heroic mode and bashes the goons. Babbi doesn’t lose and hurts Karan. Preeta can’t see Karan harmed. She assists Karan in the fight.

They together deal with Babbi and faint him. Inspector gets the aid done and resumes his duty. He asks the constables for Preeta. He learns that she has run away. He calls the lady constable and asks for Preeta. She lies that Preeta is with her. He asks her to get Preeta to the police station else he will announce that Preeta has escaped. Lady constable wants Preeta to come back on her own with the proof of her innocence. Preeta and Karan get attacked by another goon. Karan saves her in the nick of time. Sameer and Shrishti reach there and save Karan and Preeta from the last goon. They vent their anger on the goon.

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Best comment by Manzi:

Oh please, are the series in India all about goons, trappings and killings? The series has lost its focus, please catch Sherlyn and Mahira the game is over, let karan unite with preeta, series can go on with two people in love, they stay together and fight together, and stay together against all odds.

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