Ronakshi ugly clash Starplus News Top 3 Mishbir fresh start

Ronakshi ugly clash Starplus News Top 3 Mishbir fresh start

Ronakshi ugly clash Starplus News Top 3 Mishbir fresh start Pari and Rohit get into a quarrel about her pregnancy. Rohit calls her wrong to use her baby against Rohan and Sippys. He tells her that she can’t break Rohan and Tanya’s marriage, since Tanya is also pregnant. He knows Pari is bearing injustice, but she already knew Rohan is married. He blames her for trying to break Sippy’s peace. He wants her to think about her future peacefully, rather than using the baby as a revenge weapon. Pari is in no mood to listen to him. She is mistaken that he had fainted her to abort her baby.

She tells Sonakshi about Rohit catching her in the compound and threatening her. Rohit had told her that he doesn’t care for her and the baby. Pari and Sonakshi lecture Rohit and blame him for his evil crime, which actually Rohan committed. Rohit doesn’t want to name Rohan and cause more troubles. He can’t believe that Sonakshi can suspect him for harming a baby’s life. Rohit and Sonakshi’s tensions get high. Tanya suffers a miscarriage, adding up to Sippy’s woes.

Best Comment by Dr.Kavitha R Gowda:
Awesome. from Monday, loved all episode, including today’s episode. Please put an end to Nishi’s crime. Focus on Ronakshi! Loved the act and dialogues when Sonakshi speaks to Rohit near the pool intoxicated. Missing all those fun on Kahani Parvati Ke.

Yeh Hai Chahatein:

Rudraksh is trying to marry Mishka to get Saransh’s custody with ease. He doesn’t want to be a single father. He doesn’t tell anyone about marrying Prisha. Saransh thinks Rudraksh is cheating Prisha. His wish gets fulfilled when Prisha arrives to stop the marriage. Saransh tells the family that Rudraksh has married Prisha. Khuranas can’t believe it and ask Rudraksh if its true. Rudraksh gets helpless to admit the truth when Prisha threatens to take away Saransh with her.

Rudraksh was hoping Prisha will die. He didn’t know that Prisha will be alive and come to ruin his life. He gets a shocker. Yuvraj asks Prisha to give Saransh’s custody to him. Prisha believes Yuvraj. Khuranas are angry on Prisha. They don’t want to accept her as Bahu. Mishka is badly heartbroken. Prisha is helpless to stay with Rudraksh for Saransh’s sake. She is ready to tolerate his hatred. She will become target of Ahana and Mishka’s conspiracies as well.

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Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke:
Kunal and Abir’s marriage functions complete. Kuhu and Kunal get married first in the mandap decorated by Mishbir. The Maheshwaris and Rajvanshs bless the couple for lots of happiness. Kunal makes vows from heart and also confesses love to Kuhu. Maheshwaris find Mishti away. They look for Mishti. They worry that mahurat time is passing and Mishti is nowhere. Abir waits for Mishti for the marriage. Mishti comes up with a unique idea to marry Abir. Kuhu gets upset seeing Mishti getting all the attention again. Maheshwaris bless Mishti and get emotional on her Bidaai. Mishti sheds tears while departing from the house. She feels indebted to Maheshwaris. She tells that she is happy to marry Abir, but didn’t wish to leave them. Vishwamber and Rajshri hug her.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum End confirmed



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